Just Stick With It!

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Just Stick With It!

Have you ever bought a pair of brand new fancy shoes? They hurt, they are too tight in some places, they are uncomfortable, you can’t walk in them properly but they are FREAKING gorgeous, and you love them, so you work at it till you get them comfortable! Well, homeschooling can be a lot like that, really anything new that you are committing to is kind of like that. The whole thing is you have to stick with it.


Whether you are new to homeschooling or are playing with new principles or a new curriculum it may be super awkward at first. You may feel like this isn’t working. I am doing this all wrong. I am causing more damage than good. Know that it is okay to feel like this, know that it takes time for you to get comfortable and settle in. It takes time for everyone to get on board and to settle in. You have to take the time to adapt, to understand the changes that are occurring.

Rollercoaster Ride

There are tons of ups and downs in homeschooling and any new thing you start. This new, tight, unfamiliarity can be uncomfortable and even painful. Know that this feeling is temporary; it needs to take some time for it to soften and mold to you.  While you are struggling through this period of adaptation, it is essential to stick with it and not throw in the towel and give up.

You are responsible

You are responsible and in control. Even if it is challenging as I am sure it is, you are in control. Remember that, because your family is looking for you throughout this time of discomfort. If you are rolling with the punches and still holding to your faith, they will fall in line.

Wait a minute

I know that it can be exhausting to be the person in control, the one who has to put on the brave and happy face when things are scary and changing. Especially when it is so easy to doubt your self and your ideas. Just know that it is worth it to stick with it. Don’t make any rash decisions right away; it takes time. Feelings can cause you to make some crazy decisions, it is essential to wait a couple of days and to look at what you are feeling, thinking and doing. When you have vented, released, and reflected on it all, keep what works.

You got this!

Give this new thing a real, fighting chance. You have to believe and act as if. You got this. Stick with it.





Have you been uncomfortable in your new decision or in your homeschool? Do you believe it is worthy to stick with it?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Just stick with it. Homeschooling can be scary and uncomfortable at first but you have to stick with it.

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