Kickoff Fun with Football Coloring Pages

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Kickoff Fun with Football Coloring Pages

The big game is coming up soon! Get your kids excited about football and the SuperBowl with this fun printable pack of football coloring pages. With 10 pages of football players, footballs, helmets, and more for your kids to color, it’s a touchdown of family entertainment.

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Score Extra Learning

Coloring is more than just fun – it builds important skills for success. When kids color, they practice fine motor control as they learn to grip and control their crayons. The act of tracing lines and staying within boundaries boosts hand-eye coordination. Choosing colors and matching hues sparks creativity. Completing each page from start to finish teaches focus and concentration.

Print Them for On-the-Go Fun

The best part about our football coloring pages is that you can print them over and over again! Keep a stack handy to toss in your bag for appointments, road trips, plane rides, or other times you need to keep the kids busy. The pages are fun on their own, or you can turn coloring into a game by timing how fast they can color a page or having contests to see who colors the neatest within the lines.

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Customize Your Own Coloring Pack

With 10 pages to choose from, you can customize a football coloring pack that fits your child’s interests and skill level. Select just simple footballs and helmets for a younger child or the more detailed football player images for an artistic grade schooler. You can reprint pages as needed until your child has mastered all 10 images!

Sharpen Those Crayons and Get in the Game!

Kickoff family bonding time and have fun cheering on your favorite football team all season long. Our football coloring sheets make the perfect activity for homeschool, travel, church events, sports parties, and more.

Top Reads for Budding Football Fans

Bond with your kids through the magic of football stories. These entertaining and educational books capture all the excitement of the sport in kid-friendly narratives. With wit, humor and valuable lessons, they make for quality read aloud time for ages 6-10.

Goodnight Football

Written by Michael Dahl, Illustrated by Christina Forshay

Rhyming text and vibrant art create the perfect gridiron bedtime story.

Don’t Throw It to Mo!

Written by David A, Adler, Illustrated by Sam Ricks

Mo is the smallest player on his football team, but could his “butterfingers” actually lead to a big win?

The Dog That Stole Football Plays

Written by Matt Christopher, Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

Is a telepathic dog that can read the other team’s plays cheating or just helping? This classic poses a great ethical dilemma.

Inspirational Football Stories for Young Readers: 12 Unbelievable True Tales to Inspire and Amaze Young Football Lovers

Written by Mike Johnson

This collection of 12 unbelievable true stories from football history will motivate and amaze young sports fans.

The Most Amazing NFL Stories Of All Time – For Kids!: A Journey Through the Unforgettable Tales of the NFL

Written by Landon Danks

 Jam-packed with thrilling tales, stunning illustrations and inspiring life lessons from NFL legends.

Football Genius

Written by Tim Green

An average kid named Troy discovers he has an uncanny ability to predict football plays before they happen in this fast-paced middle grades series starter.

With wise life lessons, playful humor, and plenty of underdog tales, these top-ranked page-turners will have the whole family cheering. They make for awesome additions to any homeschool reading curriculum.

Keep the Fun Going

The football coloring fun doesn’t have to stop when the season ends! Pick your child’s favorite completed pages and frame them to keep proudly displaying their artwork all year long. You can also use the football theme for inspiration in homeschool lessons on sports science, statistics, health and fitness. And be sure to print out fresh pages again next season when it’s time for SuperBowl excitement.

Coloring pages are always a winning way to engage kids’ developing minds and fulfill their need for self-expression. Download our football coloring pack today and get set for learning, creativity and family bonding timeouts all season!

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