Teaching Life Skills in Your Homeschool with Life Skills Reimagined

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Teaching Life Skills in Your Homeschool with Life Skills Reimagined

One magical thing about homeschooling is that we get to teach our kids whatever we want. While here in New York, there are mandatory subjects and topics that I have to teach, I can also incorporate whatever I want.

Life skills are a necessity for everyone. There are many skills that I feel like I struggled with in my young adulthood, and I don’t want that for my children. Life Skills Reimagined helps to teach teens life skills that empower them to live happy and healthy lives independently.

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What is Life Skills Reimagined?

Life Skills Reimagined is an online life skills curriculum that is fun to use! With animated but engaging videos, we aren’t talking about childish animations. That provides information and real-life questions to help ensure that children are learning critical life skills.

Life Skills Reimagined is comprised of 60 hours of content that include pre/post-tests, workbooks, action plans, additional resources, and planned discussions. It is truly comprehensive and the perfect fit for our homeschool.

What started as a desire to improve outcomes for local transition-age foster youth has grown into a passion for helping organizations of all types across the United State (and eventually internationally) serve populations who are working towards self-sufficiency and economic mobility.

LYFT Learning

What Does Life Skills Reimagined cover?

Life Skills Reimagined teaches life skills regarding personal finance, getting and keeping a job, resiliency, independent living, and communication skills. It sets your children up for independence and a solid foundation for that moment when they need to begin “adulting.” We all have said, why did they teach us about parallelograms in school when I needed to know how to do my taxes?

Personal Finance

Everything from banking and budgeting to income taxes and insurance. Students will get ahead in life when they know what to expect when it comes to their finances. This is one topic I wish I had had when I was a teen. It helps students learn how to compare grocery prices and things to avoid that will put them into financial trouble.

Getting and Keeping a Job

Students will learn the essential rules of having a job and how to find a career that is perfect for them. They will learn what it takes to be a great employee and stand out at work.


Students learn everything from love and sex to emotional trauma. This section will help teens face challenging topics that are easy to overlook in our homeschools.

Independent Living

Teens learn about living on their own and how much goes into it. Everything from understanding apartment living to know what you need to prepare for the big move. This section helps to ease the transition with multiple checklists and workbooks that help teens prepare for this stage of life.

Effective Communication Skills

Students learn the importance of facial expressions, working through conflict, managing negative emotions, and much more.

Life Skills Reimagined Lessons

The Life Skills Reimagined lessons are short and sweet. The modules are about 10-15 minutes and are primarily animated videos that are easy to digest and keep you focused. They provide knowledge and application checks and even offer their content via a mobile app which you can use to complete the modules, even offline.

Life Skills Reimagined also offers application guides, allowing children to decide in advance on how they will react or act in a specific situation, which has been proven to help their odds of implementing the new behavior. This application guide provides critical reinforcement and helps the learner further process and apply the information from each module. It is also a fantastic tool for us homeschool parents to discuss the information with our children and see our children’s understanding.

I love listening in on the lessons while my daughter watches because I hear so many great points and things I wish I had learned when I was younger.

Life Skills Reimagined also provides action plans which give our children the opportunity for the learner to evaluate their own level of mastery.

The Truth About Using Life Skills Reimagined In your homeschool

Teaching Life Skills In Your Homeschool

If you also believe it is essential to equip your child with these necessary life skills, you will want to head over to Life Skills Reimagined and use the code HS2022 to save 20% off a new membership. Offer valid through December 31, 2022

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