Creating light bulb moments in your homeschool

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Creating light bulb moments in your homeschool

Don’t you love when your kids have a light bulb moment in your homeschool? I mean we know that learning isn’t all about memorizing facts, that’s why we are homeschooling, right? We value these “aha” moments with our kids because we know they are learning and connecting information in new and exciting ways. How can we help create more of these light bulb moments?


Creating light bulb moments with games

Make learning a game, get your kids up and moving while learning.

  • Use bean bags to toss and jump while practicing skip counting.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to learn positive and negative numbers in a new game of hopscotch.
  • Illustrate punctuation with stomps, claps and jumping jacks.
  • Do a spelling bee on the stairs moving up a step for every correct spelling.
  • Create a clock with blocks and practice telling time.
  • Play catch as you practice math facts.


Creating light bulb moments through the stomach

  • Make, making breakfast, lunch, and dinner a time to expand and connect topics in a new way.
  • Make a meal based or inspired by a certain time period that you are studying in history.
  • Make food from your current read aloud, we recently read Redwall filled with scrumptious options to recreate.
  • Make oreo phases of the moon and study the phases of the moon as you munch.
  • Collect different fruits and vegetables that resemble the solar system and make a delicious tray of planetary treats as you go over planet facts.
  • Use star cookie cutters and cut up cheese and bread and create a constellation snack as you discuss constellations and Greek mythology.
  • Get state cookie cutters and bake cookies while you study geography and learn state facts.

You can create light bulb moments in your homeschool

Think outside the box when it comes to exciting your children’s education. It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, it can be simple and part of your day. It is all up to you. Creating light bulb moments in your homeschool creates magic and memories in your homeschool.



How do you create light bulb moments in your homeschool? Let us know in the comments.

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Creating light bulb moments in your homeschool




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