Live, Interactive, Online Homeschool Classes with Allschool

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Live, Interactive, Online Homeschool Classes with Allschool

As a homeschooling parent who works full time, I genuinely understand having a lot on my plate. While I love teaching my children one-on-one or two on one, I also love outsourcing certain classes, which is why I am so excited to share Allschool with you. I try to share the importance of outsourcing because we only have so much time and energy, and we need to be able to grab help where we need it. Before I tell you all about these live, interactive, online homeschool classes with Allschool please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

*Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by Allschool, I was compensated for my time, all opinions are 100% my own honest opinions and I wasn’t required to post a positive review. You can read my full disclosure here.

Why include Online Classes in Your homeschool

While homeschooling can feel like you, the parent must do everything, it doesn’t have to be, and we don’t have to know everything. While it is easy to pull up a google search, take some books out of the library, or pop on a documentary, there are times when live interactive classes enhance the learning in a way we couldn’t.

Recently, we got to try out Allschool which offers affordable live, interactive, online classes which cover a wide variety of subjects taught by experienced teachers that know the subject material well.

What is Allschool?

Allschool is a platform for highly interactive, online, live classes founded in Singapore. Experienced teachers from all over the world meet with small groups of students to cover a variety of subjects from math and science, to graphic design and dance lessons.

The learning environment at Allschool is engaging and accessible to children worldwide. The classes are highly interactive, including games and activities that students can interact with.

Classes are suitable for all ages from three years old all the way up to eighteen, you get to choose from a variety of courses:

  • One-time classes: these classes meet one time only; are great for finding a teacher with a shared interest, for example, video games and dinosaurs.
  • Multi-day classes: these classes work if you are learning a skill with a teacher for example writing a letter.
  • Ongoing classes: these are for subjects that take a little longer, for example learning a language.

“Allschool is intentionally built to be safe, inclusive, and a fun place for kids to advance their knowledge and skills. Children can explore and pursue interests in learning, fill in the gaps and accelerate their growth in core subjects.”


Features of allschool

Allschool is a fantastic learning platform, what sets it apart from the rest of its kind is its online learning tool called Classpod.

Classpod is where all classes and meetings between teachers and students happen. It offers teachers the possibility to create classes, games, quizzes, and even a reward system for their students. It is a safe space and the perfect way to make the classes more interactive as the child can work right on the screen in real-time with their classmates and teacher.

Allschool offers highly interactive lessons. The classes are not just presentations, they are set up through classpod so they are extremely interactive where your kids can actually practice and play with the ideas they are learning about.

This offers space for lessons to be gamified, kids love playing tablet games and the Dinosaur class my son took had a lot of that tablet game feel, he got to interact with the lessons and earn rewards such as stars as he got questions correct. This made learning fun.

Allschool is extremely easy to navigate for parents and children. The website is straightforward and you can find classes by searching subject, age, timeframe, or even duration of the class.

They have calendars set up as well as reminders sent to your email so you don’t miss a class.

Allschool classes are also affordable beginning at about $5 per session.

Allschool classes are set up for small groups or even 1-on-1 which is great for children, they are able to connect with their teachers and fellow students and receive the attention they need as well.

Let’s Talk About What Kinds of Classes are offered with Allschool

Allschool covers all sorts of classes and subjects, below are some of the classes that I found interesting while browsing for my own children.

  • Language- Spanish for example is a class that is available.
  • Dancing- classes inspired by recent films
  • Art- classes where you can learn about art history and create your own art
  • Animal- they have interesting zookeeping courses as well as marine biology courses
  • Video Game- learn the history of games and gaming systems as well as play some games together
  • Reading Clubs- book clubs on certain books like Harry Potter
  • Public Speaking- a great way to practice speech making
  • History classes- such as learning about the Vikings and other historical eras

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Using Allschool Classes in our Homeschool

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