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Lollipop CraftLollipop Craft

This lollipop craft is super simple and fun to make with children of all ages. Isabella came up with this craft and we decided to share it with you. It is a great activity to keep little minds and hands busy on a rainy or sunny days.  The Lollipop craft doesn’t take too long and it is sure to please. Make this craft at your next birthday party, barbecue, family gathering or what have you. It is sure to delight!


What you will need:affiliate-links-2

Paper Plates


Jumbo Craft Sticks

Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils etc.


Stickers, sequins, glitter (optional)


What to do:

  1. First cut out the center of the paper plate.
  2. Next color and decorate the center or paper plate, front only or back and front.
  3. Then glue the craft stick to the back center of paper plate.
  4. Finally let it Dry.
  5.  Then if you really want to decorate the stick with stickers, sequins or glitter. (optional)

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Check out How To Make this Lollipop Craft on video!

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