Magic Snow

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Simple Science Experiments Magic Snow

Magic Snow

This week we are taking it easy, really easy and observing water absorption with Magic Snow. This week is going to work a little differently than usual since we experimented with a science kit that we purchased from Dollar Tree. Instead of giving you a step by step tutorial we are going to review this kit and of course share a video of how it all worked.

Dollar Tree

Many people have heard of Dollar Tree, but if you have never heard of it let me break it down for you. Dollar Tree is a specific chain of dollar stores. You can get a multitude of things there all for about a dollar. I absolutely love Dollar stores and Dollar Tree in particular. In particular, I love getting things from them that I can use to teach my kids. Kids are usually rough or wasteful with so many of their things. So when you purchase them for a dollar you don’t care so much if they use the whole pack of stickers in 10 minutes.

Buying from Dollar Tree

They can be hit and miss, meaning if you go to the actual store they may be all out of the product you saw advertised on a YouTube haul. However, they have a website and you can order directly from them and have it shipped to your home or to your local Dollar Tree. If you want to find the kit we are sharing this week, just search Science Kits in the website search.


Magic Snow Kit

The magic snow kit includes instructions, a small packet of magic snow crystals (you can do the experiment about 2 times), and a plastic spoon. It is a super simple experiment with very little explanation behind the science of it. You can discuss how these crystals absorb the water which makes them fill up and become snow-like. Overall for a dollar, the kids will love it and have so much fun and you will have a great introduction to science. This experiment is recommended for children 8 and up but Isabella 7 years old and AJ 3 years old had a lot of fun doing this experiment with Adult supervision. Make sure to wash hands after playing with it. Also, make sure to keep away from the mouth.


Check out Isabella and AJ


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Simple Science Experiments Magic Snow

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