Magnetic Math

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Magnetic Math- Fun manipulatives that help teach little kids to love math.

Magnetic Math5

Finding a fun, creative and engaging ways to practice math skills can sometimes be challenging. Although learning with play dough is a lot of fun, we sometimes need some variety. Using  Melissa and Doug’s Magnetic Number set and some gold pirate coins from our local party store has made math, even more, fun!

How are we using these manipulatives to learn math?

We have recently found a tremendous love for our Melissa and Doug Magnetic Number set, however when we saw these really cute pirate coins at the party store we couldn’t resist purchasing them and using them to count!

Using these gold pirate coins to show the quantity of a numeral is only one way for little kids to take advantage of these manipulatives. Another way to use them is to show how each quantity put together or taken away equals a new quantity.

While these coins are not magnetic they are fine to use laying down on a magnetic board or table or you can glue small magnets to back to make them magnetic (just be careful, small magnets are very dangerous choking hazards to small children) and able to use on any magnetic surface including the refrigerator or pan.

I have found that using magnetic manipulatives sometimes make it more fun and easy to teach, keeping everything in place. It is also good for small children to use in order to build hand strength needed to build their fine motor skills.

Why use math manipulatives at all?

Why is it important to use math manipulatives?  Manipulatives make math fun and more understandable. Using tactile items help translate all of the mathematical terminologies, ideas and processes. They provide a common language in order to communicate these models with the teacher and other students in an easy and straightforward way.


What do you think of these math manipulatives? Do you have any ideas that you think we will love? Let us know in the comments. Used any of our suggestions snap a photo and Tag us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram use the hashtag- #bloomingbrilliant


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Magnetic Math- Fun manipulatives that help teach little kids to love math.

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