Using Makerspace Task Cards in Your Homeschool

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Using Makerspace Task Cards in Your Homeschool

Are you thinking about adding more STEM into your homeschool? Adding more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) doesn’t have to be difficult. You can simply begin with adding a Makerspace and using Makerspace task cards in your homeschool. Before we jump into all the details about Makerspace and how to use Makerspace task cards in your homeschool, pin this post to your STEM board.

What is Makerspace?

Creating a Makerspace means that you are creating an area that is reserved for creative exploration, engineering, tinkering and inventing. Makerspaces incorporate engineering materials, crafting materials, technology, robotics and so much more. This area can be a dedicated space devoted to STEM or it can be bins or tubs that are taken out for Makerspace time. Maybe it will be used during STEM-focused class time or maybe it is used during the unstructured creative time using the Makerspace cards, STEM Bins or Maker Mats. You may choose to limit materials or to assign specific tasks. You may also choose to allow time for more free-range exploration and inventing,

Adding a Makerspace to Your Homeschool

A Makerspace can be located in an entire section of your home, this can be a corner in your homeschool room if you have one, or in a different room in your home, it can be located in a bookcase or even a rolling cart.

It is a good idea to keep your Makerspace organized, supplies should be clearly labeled on containers and baskets. Materials should be safe and developmentally age-appropriate for your children. Supplies can be rotated in and out as needed.

Keeping a well-stocked Makerspace is key. Many of the supplies you will use in your Makerspace will be used over and over again. Many of us homeschoolers tend to hoard creative supplies, so look through all the things you have collected, check out garage sales, thrift stores, dollar stores, craft stores, and hardware stores to begin gathering supplies affordably. While exploring the world of robotics may be more expensive.

Why add a Makerspace in your Homeschool

Adding a Makerspace to you your homeschool will tap into various interests, passions and strengths for your children. As homeschoolers we get really dive into our children’s interests and passions, helping to create the next generation of innovators and problem solvers. In Makerspace, children have the opportunity to tinker, discover, construct, test out, assemble and explore out of the box thinking. Helping our children to become critical thinkers and inventors through creative exploration and purposeful play.

Why Makerspace Task Cards

Makerspace task cards help you get started in your Makerspace. They make it easy to begin and jump in with an idea or assignment. Makerspace task cards inspire children to create. Think of Makerspace tasks as a way to get the juices following, inspiring your children to create new things with ordinary supplies, figuring out ways to solve problems and invent new ideas, objects, and more. We created a set of Makerspace Task Cards for you to use in your new Makerspace. If you are a Blooming Brilliant Insider then download them from the Resource Library, if you aren’t, make sure to sign up now for access to all of our resources.

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