Microsoft STEM Summer Camp

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Microsoft Summer Camp

Microsoft STEM Summer Camp

This past Wednesday, we got an exclusive look at Microsoft’s Annual FREE STEM Summer Camp! A preview of a total of 5 amazing camps that you can register for TODAY! They will be taking place in your local Microsoft store from May through August, all specific dates can be found through your local Microsoft store. I honestly can not tell you which one we enjoyed more as all of them were pretty incredible. I love how Microsoft values children’s education and getting them involved hands-on with these tools that will excite them and help them develop such necessary skills for this day and age.

Microsoft STEM Summer Camp

Beginners Fun with Computers and Coding

Looking for a fun way to introduce your children to the wonderful world of coding? As your children begin building code they will also learn how computers and code work! This amazing STEM camp perfect for kids ages 6 to 8 years old will truly build a foundation for them in the world of code. At the end of this one 2-hour session, your child will show off their new skills in a student lead session for parents.


Learning to Program Robots in Microsoft STEM Summer Camp

Code A Talking Robot with OhBot

This was probably Isabella’s most favorite camp preview. She has always dreamed of working with a Robot (I know that sounds totally crazy, but it is true when the robot animation appeared on PBS Kids she would become entranced.). This camp gives children the hands-on opportunity to use the OhBot robot which will be available for purchase on June 1st through Microsoft (sign us up for one). This camp teaches children to bring the OhBot robot to life using code. You can make the OhBot move and even talk! This camp is for children ages 8 and older and consists of two 2-hour sessions.

Make Your Own Movie With 3D And Mixed Reality

This was another amazing camp which we got to preview, probably one of my all-time favorites because I love creating videos and because of my love of content creation Isabella loves to create videos and is eager to learn some editing techniques. While I have a love-hate relationship with editing, some of the Microsoft Mixed Reality effects put finishing touches on videos and images to transform it to the next level rather easily. In this camp, children ages 8 and older learn character development and storyboarding to shooting and editing with access to Microsoft’s latest 3D drawing and movie-making technology. Within four 2-hour sessions, children learn how to create their own movie and are encouraged to invite friends and family to their Microsoft Store hosted movie premiere at the end of the camp. Can I go to this camp myself?


Create a Difference in Your World

Next, have your children join a summer camp that will help them grow their inner philanthropist. Does your child have a big heart and would love to learn ways they can give back to their community? In this camp, Microsoft is offering ways to use technology to do good. This is not the powerpoint that we grew up with. Microsoft is taking it to the next level teaching children how to develop an actionable plan for a humanitarian effort of their choice and learn about the business of fundraising, volunteering and creating awareness for their cause. This is a great camp for children who are budding business owners as well, finding a purpose and a way to give back is important for any business and learning these skills early on are instrumental for any human being. Children ages 8 and up will enjoy four 2-hour sessions.

Microsoft STEM Camp Minecraft Coding

Minecraft Coding

Last, but definitely not least Microsoft offers a Minecraft Coding camp, this camp brings coding and your favorite game together. Creating an immersive experience of creating and exploring and also learning code. This camp will bring in a more scientific approach as they teach children about manipulating variables in the game. Minecraft is a game that we have been interested in but haven’t started yet, after seeing how cool it is first hand and the things you can do when you bring Minecraft and MakeCode together it is definitely something that we are going to start using in the near future. Children ages 8 and up will love this four 2-hour sessions.

Register for one of these camps from Microsoft here.

Camps are on a ratio of 1-2 instructors per 10 children. They are a knowledgeable staff that is true trailblazers in their field. I am so happy that we got to get an exclusive look at these amazing STEM-based Summer Camps that Microsoft offers free to children. I love how the company is using their technology and expertise to empower our youth and help them develop skills that will be life-changing for them as they grow. If you have the opportunity to sign up your child for one of the camps, don’t hesitate.


Let us know:

What camp do you think your child would be most excited to join? Did this article help you learn about Microsoft and their amazing STEM camps and classes? Has your child ever taken a class or camp session with Microsoft? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Microsoft STEM Summer Camp




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