Technology Education At Home with MYTEK LAB

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Are you looking for the perfect way to teach your children technology at home? Let me help you.

Technology Education At Home with MYTEK LAB

How comfortable are you with teaching your children technology? We all know that technology is ever-expanding. More and more careers need a tech background. Our kids need these skills, and we as homeschoolers need a way to provide them. My children have recently started MYTEK LAB classes and are thoroughly enjoying them. Learning skills I can never teach them, coding with block coding, javascript, CSS, PHP, VR, pixel art, and so much more. Before we continue, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

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MYTEK LAB offers coding and programming classes for grades 3 to 12. In their Level 1 class, both my daughter and now son are enrolled in. In Level 1, students use creative applications and web design tools and learn general technology concepts.

Required materials include access to a computer and the internet, all you need to view the classes and complete their work. MYTEK LAB does recommend that students use two screens, one to view the video lesson and one to do their class assignment. My children work off a laptop and manage just fine.

Students and parents have access to different dashboards so that parents can monitor their child’s progress.

This is the student dashboard

The student dashboard makes things easy to access, and you can see your total likes, pixel art likes, total comments, recent comments, the amount of pixel art projects, and a random profile to get to know your classmates.

How Does MYTEK LAB Work?

Classes are held once a week live via zoom. They are also recorded so that you can view them at any time that works for you. There are also weekly help sessions available, so you can ask questions or listen to others’ questions to gain insight into the lessons. These classes are interactive, and the students have assignments, projects, and quizzes to work on and submit.

MYTEK LAB keeps track of grades for those of you who want to record them. This is especially important for high school transcripts.

MYTEK LAB is a family business with a fantastic couple, Mrs. Jacky and Mr. Stephen, who have teaching experience and degrees and experience in Computer Information Systems. Together with their knowledge, they offer the unique online classes of MYTEK LAB.

Our Experience with MYTEK LAB

When we started trying out MYTEK LAB, my daughter was cautious of an online class, but she jumped on to a class and loved it! She loves tech. She has been doing block coding for years now and loves robots and VR, although she has limited experience. She started the TEKnology Lab Level 1 in the middle of semester 1, but she has access to all the previous lessons from the semester and is catching up really well. She loved it so much that she is constantly on their website! She even participated in their Winter Projects, which were open to everyone, and got her brother interested and enrolled as well. This class is a year-long class that will give one high school credit in Computer Education.

Applications are everything you use to create projects, like pixel art, blockbench, etc.

The class covers:

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • 2D Game Art
  • Programming
  • 3D modeling for games
  • VR Development
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • 3D Modeling for 3D Printing
Pixel art is a fun way to make 2D images for games, animated GIFs, and more! You can use a variety of tools to create a cool pixel art image that you can save to your Assets and use for other Applications and your Profile
Blockbench is a fun-to-use application for making 3D models for games.

What We Love About MYTEK LAB

  • Each lesson has a video, class notes, a quiz, and an assignment. Children are encouraged to keep working until they understand the concept. If your child is struggling, all they have to do is reach out to the teachers, and they will go above and beyond to answer their questions or to set up a session where you can ask questions and walk through the issues.
  • The live classes provide great information. Mr. MYTEK (Mr. Stephen) explains everything wonderfully and is fun and personable to the students. The lessons are interactive, and he answers questions as he goes along. He does keep the class on track and encourages students who are working more slowly to keep moving ahead. You can always go back and watch the lessons again once posted to go through them at your speed.
  • We’ve loved so many things about the class from MYTEK LAB. If your child needs credit or is interested in computer programming, this is the perfect program.
  • Students can attend class and the live help session, which allows them to ask questions and gain clarity for their assignments and projects.
  • Students can contact the teacher via MYTEK OS, a Linux simulator in development.
  • The classes are recorded, which helps us when we are busy and adds the flexibility we all love about homeschooling.
  • The classes are interactive, so you can jump in and start doing the assignments right away.
  • E-mails are also sent out 15 minutes before the live question and answer session and the class, as well as an email to parents overviewing everything they have covered for the week,
MyTEK OS is a Linux simulator in development. You use MyTEK OS to communicate with other students, update your profile, and much more!

Want to try MYTEK LAB In Your Homeschool?

Would you like your children to take a class from MYTEK LAB? Here is how you can get started. Visit the courses page to see what’s available. You can get a great discount. Families who register for semester 2 can get semester 1 for $145. This includes all of the recorded lessons and assignments for semester 1. You can ask questions regarding semester 1 in the live question and answer sessions. Contact the amazing Jacky at js******@my******.com to get it all set up.

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