How to Fill Out the NY Homeschooling Quarterly Report

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How to Fill Out the NY Homeschooling Quarterly Report

Filling out the homeschool paperwork for NY can seem intimidating. It is easy for us to overthink, procrastinate, and feel overwhelmed. However, it isn’t as bad as our mind makes it seem. Trust me, I have struggled with not knowing what to do and feeling like these forms were impossible. Then I buckled down and did it, and if I can do it, you can too. I will walk you through step by step how to fill out the NY Homeschooling Quarterly Report. There is even a video at the end of this post where you can see me filling one out! Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschooling board.

Filling Out The NY Homeschooling Quarterly Report

You can download, print out, or fill it out directly on the computer. This walkthrough is appropriate for any quarter and any year, just adjust which quarter you check off on the top of the form and the year/date on the form.

Filling Out The Top Section of the Homeschooling Quarterly Report

First, fill out the top of the form with the last name, first name, and grade level of your student. You can also write in the 9 digit NYC ID, if your child went to traditional school this number is on their school papers (check their report cards). If your child is starting their school journey as a homeschooler the Department of Education will provide this number when they send you the acceptance of your Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP). Lastly, fill out the date you are submitting the quarterly report.

Next Section of The Homeschooling Quarterly Report

This next section is the meat and potatoes of this form. This is where all the magic happens. Take a deep breath and let’s dive in.

First, we are going to list all our subjects. If you go back to your IHIP you will notice that we have an extensive list of subjects to cover and then you may look at the quarterly report and see that they are a few sections short. Remember, many subjects can be combined and if need be you can write on the back. I will show you how I am currently filling mine out.

I have listed Math, Reading, English/Writing, Geography, History, Science, and then I crush in all the “extra” subjects like Music, Art, Computer, Vocabulary, Foreign Language, Physical Education, etc. You can write these on the back if you like or combine them with the other subjects.

Next, we are going to describe the material covered. A great way to do this is to think of the topics covered in each subject, maybe you covered the first three chapters of your math book, you can list the titles of the chapters here, or you can simply write that they learned multiplication, division, rounding, area, perimeter, etc. Most likely you will not be able to fit all the things you taught in great detail. That’s okay, just list what was taught/learned.

Filling Out NY Homeschooling Quarterly Report: Grades

Grades! I know you all are stressing over the grades, because I have too. The first time I did the quarterly report I put percentage grades. I actually marked each of my daughters worksheet reviews as tests and then averaged them and gave her grades like that. You can do this, you can also just write Pass or Fail on it. Here in NY our children will have to take assessments at certain points so you are only hurting yourself and your child if you don’t reflect their actual knowledge accurately on the quarterly reports and end of the year written narratives.

Filling out NY Homeschooling Quarterly Report: Hours

The hours for the quarter are another area we all stress over. Our typical homeschool day, sitting with a computer or books and worksheets can take 2 to 3 hours per day, however we also spend about an hour or so reading in the evenings, they also spend time on the computers learning typing and coding that doesn’t typically get counted as mandatory homeschool hours each day/week. They do art and science on certain days which takes more time than those typical 2-3 hours. Their music lessons also take time and when they went to soccer that would take an hour or so. All of this time adds into your homeschool hours. The goal is to get as close to the 225 hour approximate average as possible.

Fill Out the NY Homeschooling Quarterly Report With Me (Video Walkthrough)

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  1. This was great. I have been homeschooling my son, this will be my third year but first year I have to report to the state. All very new to me. I just love your site and its so encouraging to see another mom homeschooling two kids just like me. I heard you mention “the arrow” a few times. Not sure what that is but I am going to look into it.
    I was wondering what apps you have used for your subjects as reinforced learning as Id like to get my son using something to make it fun for him. Thank you for posting this vid!

  2. This is my 1st year HS my son. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this page together. Super informative.
    I’ve been so nervous about filling out the paperwork. This helps so much

  3. I homeschool in NYS (upstate NY)but I only report to the local school district. Then I read on here about reporting to the state. When does this happen? My daughter is currently in 2nd grade. This is the first time I’m hearing about this. I love all of your information. I’ve been ready to quit due to feeling so overwhelmed with paperwork.
    Thank you, Dawn

    1. In New York (the whole state), you are required to submit your letter of intent, IHIP, Quarterly Reports, Annual Assessments/Written Narratives since 1st grade or the age of 6 until they complete their schooling or until 16 or 17. The paperwork seems scary and overwhelming, but once you get started, you realize it isn’t that bad. You got this!

      1. hi i been homeschooling my son a year and a half now.This year i need too do a written narrative. what is it and how do i do it ? im so nurvous

  4. NY homeschool regulations never required a form in the past. Unless that has changed, you can use a form provided by your school district or you can do your own thing. At least, that’s the way it was when we homeschooled in NY a few years ago. I typed up my own information the way I wanted it. A friend of mine always hand-wrote hers on notebook paper. Unless your school district is overly controlling, they probably care more about getting something from you than what it looks like.

    1. Since COVID the department of education has begun to take all paperwork electronically. I did provide a template on how to write your Letter of Intent, you can do it however you like, it was just a suggestion to help others who were overthinking the process. The DOE now provides a form for the letter of intent where all you have to do is fill it out and send it in.

  5. Hi I been homeschooling my 13yr old son since last January. I kinda run it the same hrs as regular in person schooling but I’m still having trouble on how to calculate the min per day , the hrs per week / total for 1 quarter. I do have a printed schedule but I still don’t get how I’m supposed to calculate it ? Can I get an idea ? Sorry (math isn’t my strong area lol ! But I’m learning now with my son ☺️ he has autism.Thank you so much in advance. And btw I’m in upstate ny

    1. Hey Suzanne, I would take the average hours we spend doing school each day and then use that as your daily base hours and then just keep track of how many days you do school work. So say typically you do school (all things like even non-book work) for about 3 hours a day (more or less this is just an example, and I count a lot as our homeschool like nighttime reading and things we do outside, all the things so it may be more than 3 hours). You do that for 5 days a week, you would say for 1 week you did 15 hours, and then do that for 3 months which is a quarter that is how many hours of school you have accomplished.

    1. Here in NY, grades 1-6 should be about 225 hours a quarter, 7-12 247.5 hours with a cumulative of 900 hours per year. I have done more or less around that many hours with my kids, each quarter is different, and everything counts.

  6. hi i been homeschooling my son a year and a half now.This year i need too do a written narrative. what is it and how do i do it ? im so nurvous

    1. When you submit the fourth quarterly report at the end of the school year, I would submit a written narrative. Just let them know that your child has met a satisfactory level in everything outlined in the Individualized Home Instruction Plan.

    2. I have a template in the free subscriber library, but again it’s just letting them know that your child has completed and passed everything you outlined in the IHIP.

  7. 👋 I am new to home schooling I just started today I put in my letter of intent and my letter of withdraw just waiting for the school to send me the packet for the ihip My daughter does have a iep in school but I didn’t know she was this far behind! She’s in 6th and She’s testing at a 3rd grade level and doesn’t know how to count or tell her time on a clock for math. Am I able to put 3rd grade materials in the ihip? She is using time4learning and they allow me to adjust the grade level as I see fit. Thanks

    1. Hey! Congratulations on beginning your homeschool journey. Yes, you can put third-grade resources on the individualized home instruction plan. You can use whatever you plan to teach, regardless of the level. You may want to alter your child’s grade level so you can remove some pressure. No judgment. Do what’s best for your child, meet them at their level, and focus on progress. You got this.

  8. NY’s homeschool regulations are so annoying! One of only 3 states that make you jump through this many hoops. I’m extremely busy, so I really resent having to have this much interaction with the system after pulling my kid out of the failing public schools. Nobody from the state education system cared or checked up on my kid when they where falling behind and doing poorly in the public school system, but now all the sudden that we’re doing a virtual program at home, now they suddenly care about her welfare so much that we have to check in several times a year and complete all this stupid parental busy work that nobody has time for to prove they’re learning. What a waste! Smh… sorry for the negative rant, I just find it all very hypocritical.

  9. So I am confused about something.
    Nys has 4 semesters, home schooling has to submit 4 quarterly reports.
    My confusion is the paperwork I filled out only have 1 and 2 semester and no 3 and 4 semesters. What do I file for the 3 and 4 semesters? I’m confused. Help

  10. Hello! I’m new to homeschooling and my 7th grader needs 990 hours. So, for each quarterly report, do I write down 247.5 hours for each report? I appreciate your help with this! Your post is very helpful!

    1. Hi Chey! Congratulations on beginning your homeschooling journey. Yes, 247.5 hours will be fine. If you go under or over a little they don’t mind either.

    2. Hi Chey! Congratulations on beginning your homeschooling journey. Yes, 247.5 hours will be fine. If you go under or over a little they don’t mind either. Some quarters are easier to hit the time requirements while others is harder, homeschooling is a lifestyle and everything counts including holidays, cooking, going out to the park, everything! We don’t typically do classes for 5 hours a day, although my daughter does spend more time doing work as she is older and it takes longer.

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