Explore how air's temperature makes things move in this simple and fun experiment for kids, clicking quarter.

Clicking Quarter

Clicking Quarter Explore how air’s temperature makes things move in this simple and fun experiment for kids, clicking quarter. First, you must know that when air gets warmer, it expands (grows bigger) to fill more space. Let’s get started. Check it out in action:   What you will need: Quarter Freezer Water Plastic Bottle Journal Pens     Result Timing: 12…

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Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge It is well into summer and I am sure many of you have begun summer reading with your children but maybe summer is running away with you, or you don’t know how to inspire your children to sit down for 10 minutes every day to read or be read to. I decided to create a little game…

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Amazon Prime Day Deals for You

Amazon Prime Day Deals For You!

Amazon Prime Day Deals for You! I have been obsessing over all the great Amazon Prime Day Deals for you! Ok. I admit I am also searching for myself as well. As I mentioned in our Amazon Prime Day Tips & Tricks for the Busy Homeschool Mom, I need to get some shopping done for our homeschool, plus there is…

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Look at the science behind a Groovy Lava Lamp and create our own! Kids will love this super simple science experiment.

Groovy Lava Lamp

Groovy Lava Lamp Have you ever seen a Lava Lamp? A lava lamp is usually a fairly large lamp that is full of colorful blobs of liquid that float from one side to the other as the lamp container is warmed up by a light bulb. Lava lamps could be so much fun and so beautiful to watch. They are…

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Explore surface tension and how molecules work in Crashing Colors, another simple and fun experiment for kids. This experiment is aka Magic Milk.

Crashing Colors

Crashing Colors This week we experiment with color!  We are doing such a FUN experiment. It is called crashing colors. We bet you already know that some colors are known as primary colors (meaning first or most important). These colors are red, blue and yellow. When combined (mixed together) they make other colors. Do you know any colors that are…

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Pre-Kinders and kindergartners will learn numbers from 0-20, as well as skills like counting, sets, greater and less than in I Can Do Math! Level 2

I Can Do Math! Level 2

Fundanoodle I Can Do Math! Level 2 If you have never heard of Fundanoodle before, make sure to check our previous post.  In a  nutshell, Fundanoodle is an educational readiness program that helps children develop and improve motor skills.  Today I am going to give you an inside look at Fundanoodle I Can Do Math Level 2 workbook. I Can…

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