Discover the Wonders of Penguins with this Fabulous Printable

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A Waddleful Penguin Learning Adventure Awaits!

Do your kids love penguins? Mine certainly do! From Happy Feet to Pingu, penguins capture children’s imaginations with adorable waddle and endearing personalities. As a homeschooling mom, I always look for ways to incorporate my kids’ interests into our lessons. That’s why I was so excited to create this 19-page Penguin Life Cycle Printable Pack for curious young learners. Before we begin, please pin this post to your homeschool board.

Benefits of the Penguin Life Cycle Printable

This printable condenses fascinating penguin facts into engaging activities that will have your little ones eagerly learning. Here are some of the great things it includes:

  • A colorful diagram showing the four stages of a penguin’s life cycle – egg, chick, fledgling, adult. Being able to visualize concepts is so helpful for young kids.
  • A cut and assemble 3D penguin craft. Create your adorable penguin pal while learning parts of the penguin’s anatomy.
  • A life cycle wheel craft to spin. Reinforce the penguin’s life stages in a hands-on, interactive way.
  • Fun penguin coloring pages with emergent reader vocabulary to introduce science concepts.
  • Cut and paste life cycle sequencing activity to develop critical thinking skills.

Your kids will have a blast learning about penguins with these lively activities!

Engaging Penguin Books to Supplement Learning

Pair the printout with some delightful penguin books for even more Antarctic adventures! Here are some top-rated favorites with beautiful illustrations:


By Marcie Colleen, Illustrated by Emma Yarlett

In this adorable rhyming fantasy, young Orb dreams of attending Penguinaut Academy, where fledgling penguins train to be astronaut explorers of the galaxy.

Penguin Problems

By Jory John, Illustrated Lane Smith

This humor-filled tale follows a pessimistic penguin named Pedro who sees the negative in every situation, no matter how nice things may seem.

And Tango Makes Three

By Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, Illustrated Henry Cole

This heartwarming true story follows Roy and Silo, two male chinstrap penguins at the Central Park Zoo who bond and hatch an adopted baby penguin named Tango.

Penguin Flies Home

By Lita Judge

When Penguin accidentally boards a plane and ends up at the South Pole, he teams up with a research scientist on a journey back to the place he knows is home.

The Emperor’s Egg

by Martin Jenkins, Illustrated by Jane Chapman

This informational picture book takes readers through a year in the life of an Emperor penguin family surviving fierce Antarctic conditions while nurturing their precious egg.

Add some cuddly stuffed penguins, and your kids will have their own waddling colony in no time!

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Penguin Life Cycle Printable

The Value of Hands-On Homeschool Learning

Providing tactile learning opportunities when homeschooling makes lessons so much more impactful. This penguin printable pack takes a topic that fascinates kids and transforms it into 19 pages of engaging creativity. When they make their own 3D penguin buddy, spin the life cycle wheel, and practice sequencing the stages and coloring the pages, they will retain the knowledge much better. It allows them to embody and visualize what they are learning, cementing the facts.

Make a Splash with Penguin Learning

I hope this fabulous Penguin Life Cycle Printable pack makes a big splash with your kids! Watch their eyes light up as they discover fascinating penguin facts in such an engaging way. The hands-on activities, beautiful illustrations, and delightful storybooks will have them begging to learn more about our tuxedoed pals of the Southern Hemisphere.

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