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Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful Causes a Kerfuffle by Joanna Nadin is hilariously fun. If you are looking for a series similar to Junie B. Jones without all the misspellings! The Penny Dreadful series merely is hilarious and beautiful! If your kids love books like Junie B. Jones then they are sure to love Penny Dreadful, there is no real need to read these titles in a particular order they can be read any way you like. Each book consists of 3 short stories.

Penny Dreadful causes a Kefuffle

In the book, Penny Dreadful causes a Kefuffle the first story is Penny Dreadful. Does her Best, where you learn about Penelope Jones aka Penny Dreadful and Penny Dreadful causes a Kerfuffleher family and friends. In this story, Penny and her best friend Cosmo Moon Webster want to join the brownies (Cosmo technically can’t because he is a boy) but they want to be helpful and helpful they are at getting into mischief. This story was so amusing it had both Isabella and me laughing out loud especially when Penny’s Mom has a fit which is an adult temper tantrum!

In the second story Penny Dreadful and the Secret Ingredient, Penny’s older sister Daisy is dealing with hormones; Daisy acts irrationally as most preteens and teens do (come to think of it all children are a bit irrational). Penny and Cosmo try to invent hormones. It is hilariously horrible, especially when they give it to Daisy’s crush to make him like her.

In the third story Penny Dreadful and the New Girl, there is a new girl in Penny’s class, and she has a super important Dad. Penny tries desperately to figure out who this mysterious father is.

I cannot accurately express in words how much we enjoyed these stories. These books are so fun to read because they are funny and entertaining; they have been quickly devoured in our home.



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