The Power of Positive Thinking

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Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations help all of us empower ourselves, instilling positive affirmations in children when they are young, and teaching them to control their thinking by showing them the power in choosing positive thoughts can be a life changer! Before we jump into the power of positive thinking and the positive affirmation printable posters take a moment to pin this post to your growth mindset board.

The Power of Positivity

Have you ever heard of Masaru Emoto? He works with water, frozen water actually, he began this idea to freeze water and observe it with a microscope in 1994 and he observed this frozen water under different conditions. He noticed that beautiful crystals appeared after giving good words, playing good music, showing, playing, and offering pure prayer to the water. You can learn more about Masaru Emoto’s work here. His work proves the power of positivity.


Of course, I want my daughter to be spiritual and have self-confidence, to be a complete human being, and to be kind to herself and others. It has been proven that words hold a lot of power; they can build you up as well as tear you down. Positivity affects learning; if you have a peaceful positive environment learning will occur much better than a hostile, negative environment.


As a parent, I know that I am an instrumental part of giving my daughter positivity. I know that I need to fill her up with all the things I truly believe her to be, like smart, kind, loving, beautiful, etc. However, I also think it is immensely important to notice the little things she does and pay her praise which will not only bring about more of the good I want to see from her but also make her feel good. I have been inspired by many things such as books and speeches from Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne W Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and even the movie “The Help”, If you ever have seen the movie “The Help” you will definitely remember the cute little girl saying ” I is smart, I is kind, and I is important.” Well, that all inspired me to have my daughter recite affirmations.


I have gotten her into saying positive affirmations which is honestly so cute, but also is so much more than cute, it is so important for her to be able to think positively and to be confident within herself, not needing to seek it externally from others, it is in her from her family.

Positive Affirmation Posters

I made a couple of posters to use in our homeschool which my daughter can see every day and read to herself or out loud.

You can download these posters from our library of resources.

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“Everything you need to be amazing is already inside you.”

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The Power of Positive Thinking for Children. Free Positive Affirmation Printable included!

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