Perfect Presents for Poetry Teatime Fans

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Perfect Presents for Poetry Teatime Fans

Poetry teatime is a favorite in our homeschool. Even if we didn’t homeschool, we would probably still do poetry teatimes. They are just a great way to get together and enjoy literature. We sit, drink “tea” or any beverage we choose, read and chat. If you love poetry teatime as much as we do, you will want to check out these perfect presents for poetry teatime fans. Before we jump into it, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

Full Tea Set

When we started getting into poetry teatimes, I purchased a tea set, our go-to set throughout the year.

This complete set includes a teapot, six cups, six saucers, a sugar bowl, a cream pitcher, and spoons. The rack is not included.

Tea Set Rack

Looking to keep your tea set organized? Whether you want to keep it organized on your counter, inside your cabinet, or just have a safe place for everything to dry, this is a beautiful rack to display your set.

Porcelain Stand

Looking for a way to display your treats and snacks during poetry teatime? This is perfect if you invite friends or want to be a little extra for poetry teatime.

Place cookies, fruit, cupcakes, small sandwiches, or whatever you like so everyone can help themselves.

Tea Pet

Tea pets are something I learned about after doing a deep dive, and their history of them is fascinating.

Adding one to your tea time can inspire a deep dive of your own and just be a special little something you all have.

Special Sets Poetry Teatime

After many years of throwing poetry tea times in our homeschool, we have accumulated unique tea sets and accessories. We love these tea for one sets because each person can have their own personalized set.

Star Wars Tea for One

If you are or have a star wars fan in your household, they will love this BB-8 tea for one set.

It’s a ceramic set that holds 12oz of tea and a 6oz cup.

Harry Potter Tea for One

If you are or have a Harry Potter fan in your household, they will love this Hogwarts cauldron stacking teapot and cup set.

Unique Mugs for Poetry Teatime

Sometimes you don’t need any of those extras and just need a unique mug. Here are some of our favorites.

Super Mario Mug

The Super Mario heat-changing mug will delight any super Mario or video game fan.

Build On Brick Mug

Perfect for any Lego fan, it comes with a few blocks, but you can use the ones you have splayed all over the house too!

Minecraft Mug

Do you have a Minecraft fan in the house? They are bound to love this mug and saucer set.

Star Wars, The Mandalorian, The Child Grogu Mug

Such a cute mug for any Star Wars The Mandalorian fan.

Books of POetry to add to your Poetry Teatime

I could go on and on sharing beautiful books to enjoy during poetry tea times, but today I will focus on some of our favorites that help you begin an outstanding poetry collection. We have enjoyed the Poetry for Young People Books because they are perfect for various ages, However, we have included a couple of free verse novels we have enjoyed as well.

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