Pretend Play School

Pretend Play School

Pretend Play School

Pretend Play School SetMy kids are obsessed with pretend play. Playing school is another thing they love to do. Whether it is with each other or a classroom full of dolls they are role-playing and having fun while learning. I ended up creating this Pretend Play School Set for them to enhance their pretend play sessions.

This Pretend Play School Set is jam-packed with fun stuff like:

    1. Welcome to School Sign
    2. Class Room Rules
    3. Restroom and other various passes
    4. Late Passes
    5. Restroom Signs (in case you want to designate areas for pretend play? My kids requested it)
    6. Student Attendance
    7. Daily Schedule
    8. Report Card
    9. Alphabet Chart
    10. Number Chart
    11. Reading Log
    12. Cutting Practice
    13. Weather
    14. Clock/ Telling Time
    15. What to do While Waiting
    16. Desk Cards

Download Your Copy of the Pretend Play School Set

Some tips on printing your Pretend Play School Set:

  • Print on cardstock although paper is fine.
  • You don’t have to print the first page.
  • Read any directions that are on the page before cutting and laminating.


Did your kids enjoy playing with this pretend play school set? What is your child’s favorite thing to pretend to play? Let us know in the comments below what you think and snap a photo of your child using the printable, we love to see you guys have fun with the things we provide. Tag us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram using the hashtag- #LearningCreatively



Pretend Play School Set

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