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  • Daily Gratitude Journal for Kids (Dinosaur set of 10)


    Who said positive thinking is something you should only do as an adult? Inspire a child with the power of gratitude with this well-designed, kid-friendly journal!

    The Daily Gratitude Journal for Kids helps track moods and offers a place to list things your children are grateful for each day. It also allows them to draw or write more about the best part of their day.



  • I Am Positive Affirmation Journal for Kids Volume 1 (set of 10)


    Positive affirmations help all of us empower ourselves. Instilling positive affirmations in children when they are young and teaching them to control their thinking by showing them the power of choosing positive thoughts can be a life changer!

    This journal was intentionally created to empower children with a positive mindset while working on their writing skills. Color and trace the affirmation, write it yourself, or create one of your own. There are also coloring pages for each affirmation.

    This book also shows kids and animals meditating and in various yoga positions. Yoga is an excellent technique for connecting mind and body.

    Perfect for ages 4-8, preschool, and elementary-aged children

  • The Homeschool Pep Talk Journal (set of 10)


    The Homeschool Pep Talk Journal

    Decrease your stress and anxiety while improving your motivation with a daily pep talk. Journal your thoughts and feelings that arise from the pep talk, or take stock of your progress in your homeschool.

    This book was created as a collection of thoughts and reflections on my homeschool and the homeschool of the Blooming Brilliant Homeschooling Community members.

    These daily readings are not aimed at a specific homeschool philosophy or curriculum. It is based on the belief that home is a kind, compassionate, safe place for learning and family growth.

    The Homeschool Pep Talk Journal includes:

    • 30 Days of Homeschool Pep Talks with space to journal after each.
    • Homeschool Affirmation Coloring Pages
    • 10 Extra Journal Pages at the end.