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  • Homeschool End-of-Year Written Narrative Template


    As the school year draws closer, it’s time to reflect on your child’s homeschooling journey and document their progress. Our NYC Homeschool End of Year Written Narrative Template is a comprehensive tool designed to help you create a compelling and detailed narrative that showcases your child’s educational achievements and growth. Key Features: Compliant with NYC…

  • Homeschool Lesson Plan


    Homeschool Lesson Plan Are you a homeschooling parent seeking an effective and comprehensive way to plan and organize your child’s education? Our Homeschool Lesson Plan is the perfect tool to help you create a structured and engaging learning experience tailored to your child’s needs. Key Features: Customizable and Flexible: Our Homeschool Lesson Plan offers customization…

  • Kids Lesson Plans (Schedule Sheets)


    Are you a parent or educator searching for an efficient and organized way to plan and track lessons for your kids? Look no further! Our Kids Lesson Plans (Schedule Sheets) offer a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to help you create engaging and structured learning experiences for children. Key Features: Easy-to-Use Format: Our lesson plan sheets…

  • Letter of Intent Template


    Are you a parent residing in the vibrant city of New York and considering homeschooling as an educational option for your child? Look no further! Our NYC Letter of Intent for Homeschooling Template is the perfect solution to streamline your homeschooling journey within the guidelines and regulations set forth by the New York City Department…