Daily Calendar Journal (4 Quarterly Journals)


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Everything you love about a classroom calendar in a journal is a comprehensive and engaging educational resource designed specifically for preschoolers to early elementary students. This book is divided into four quarters, each covering a specific time period, allowing children to explore and develop various skills throughout the year.

Each journal comprises 352 pages and includes several helpful tools to support children’s learning journey.

  • A monthly sticker chart is provided, allowing students to add stickers for each day they engage in educational activities. This chart encourages consistency and serves as a visual representation of their progress.
  • Additionally, a tally sheet is included to help students keep track of the number of school days throughout the three months, promoting a sense of accomplishment and organization.
  • Also, the journal features undated calendars for three months, allowing students to practice filling in dates independently.
  • Weather tracking is also incorporated, allowing students to observe and record weather patterns over time.
  • The journal encourages students to write their names each week to foster personal development, promoting handwriting skills and a sense of ownership.
  • Additionally, progress tracking is emphasized, enabling students to monitor their growth and achievements.
  • Each month within the journal contains five full weeks of daily activity pages, offering a comprehensive range of educational exercises.
  • These activities encompass a variety of subjects, including reading, writing, math, and spelling. Students can reinforce and enhance their skills across multiple domains by engaging in these daily activities.

The journal includes two pages of reading logs to support reading development further. Students can use these logs to record the books they read, promoting literacy and encouraging a love for reading.

Overall, this journal provides a holistic learning experience for preschoolers to early elementary students, encompassing essential skills such as time recognition, handwriting, spelling, and early math skills and fostering a positive attitude towards education.

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