Project Mc2 Adrienne Attoms Doll and Rock Sugar Candy Review

Project Mc2 Adrienne Atoms

Project Mc2 Adrienne Attoms Doll and Rock Sugar Candy Review

We recently received the Project Mc2 Adrienne Attoms doll (affiliate link) and Rock Sugar Candy Jewelry Experiment (affiliate link) over the Christmas holiday. If you are not familiar with Project Mc2 it is a team of “super smart but seriously cool” teenage girls. They currently have a few episodes on Netflix which Isabella has enjoyed watching and waiting for new ones.  These girls use their smarts, love of science and surprising spying skills to solve cases for the secret organization N.O.V8. I love that Project Mc2 is all about exciting girls to the wonderful world of science and highly involved in S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

About Adrienne Attoms

Adrienne Attoms is the ultimate girly girl, and a brilliant culinary chemist. She is from Spain and loves to come up with experiments in the kitchen! We will be reviewing this beautiful doll as well as an the Rock Sugar Candy Jewelry Experiments (sold separately)


Doll Review:

This doll is truly beautiful just like the Bryden Bandweth doll we previously reviewed. However this doll is from a different collection, the core collection which doesn’t have a completely articulated body meaning it can not move in all different positions, no little joints here, just a standard barbie doll type body.

The plastic these dolls are made with feels very light weight and cheap. Although the dolls face is beautiful including inset brown glass eyes and life like doll eyelashes.

She is dressed in a cute outfit that matches from scenes of the show including a pair of heels! Adrienne is definitely showing off her personal style, in this cute and girly long sleeve shirt and short short combo and platform heels. I think her outfit could still me cute, girly and stylish and not so “sexy”.  She has an accessory of a pink beaker shaped comb and pinkish purple glasses. She also features snap in earrings like other Barbie type dolls.

Isabella liked that this doll didn’t easily break like the Bryden Bandweth doll (although Bryden snaps back together pretty easily). You can check out the Bryden Bandweth and DIY Glowstick review here.

It would have been nice if this doll came with more accessories or a change of clothes, especially for the price.

The clothes are good quality and these shoes are easier to take on and off the doll.

Overall the doll is pretty and can be played with.

Rock Sugar Candy Jewelry Review:Project Mc2 Rock Sugar Candy

Compared to the glowstick “experiment” this experiment was like coming up for a breath of fresh air. It was actually an experiment! You actually had to do things and you actually saw a result! The experiment calls for a cup of boiling water and 3 cups of sugar and 3 drops of food coloring. It made way to much of the candy mixture which angered me because it is wasteful!

Although the experiment did work and created a chain of rock sugar candy. The thing that frustrated Isabella a little bit was that you cannot control how the rock sugar forms. Many grew fat and were hard to fit into the plastic jewelry pieces that were provided. It wasn’t all bad, it worked and she really enjoyed it.

Check out her video review and watch her doing the experiment here:

Let us know if you have this or any of the Project MC2 items and what you think in the comments below!

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