Prophesying Doom in your Homeschool

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Prophesying Doom in your homeschool

Prophesying Doom in your Homeschool

We all do it, we have all made prophecies of doom to our children to help them make the right choice. We all want what is best for our children.  We want them to avoid all the mistakes we have already made, heck we want them to avoid mistakes altogether. But that isn’t realistic. We are all bound to make mistakes which helps us to learn in the long run.

Your vision is different from theirs

Sometimes our best in our heads is different from what they think is best for themselves. Sometimes we are projecting our own self-worth on our children as if they don’t follow XYZ plan our homeschool is a failure, we are a failure but that isn’t necessary.

We don’t need to put that on our children.  We can support them to make informed decisions instead of prophesying doom.

What silly prophecies have you come up with?

It is so easy to say if you don’t sit down and do your math pages you will never be able to do anything with your life.  If you don’t brush your teeth, you will lose all your teeth. I bet you can catch yourself in some silly ones.

Build a relationship and give them the skills

Instead, talk to them and find out what they are thinking. Let them into where you rethinking and feeling. Like telling your child that you think history is really important and that you think the college of their choice will not take them without x amount of credits. Ask your child what they think they should do, do they think the school will make an exception? Going a step further and looking it up with your child, and making the phone calls with them that way they have all the information to make an informed decision.

Build a relationship and teach them the ways to create informed decisions instead of prophesying doom. You will be teaching them some amazing life skills. While you are at it try to stop prophesying doon in your own life. You got this!




Let us know your silly and ridiculous prophecies of doom in the comments.

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Prophesying Doom in your homeschool


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