Inspire Reading-Reading Challenge

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Inspire Reading-Reading Challenge

As we begin a new year, we tend to set goals. In the past few years, I always make a personal goal to read a certain amount of books by the end of the year. It is essential to set a concrete goal. This year my goal is to read 100 books just for myself, not including the books I read to and with my children. My children have joined in on the fun, setting goals to read 50 of their own books by the end of the year. Want to join us on this reading challenge?  Before I share some tips to get you started, take a moment, and pin this post on your homeschool reading board for later!

Reading Challenges Are Fun!

Reading is probably one of the greatest activities to get your children into it. Did you know that even once a child knows how to read on their own, there is much to get from being read to? Reading aloud to children improves their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and best of all, their attitudes about reading. So even if your child doesn’t want to read on their own, make the challenge to read with your child x number of books for the year. For more tips to get your children excited about reading, here.

Tips to begin your Reading Challenge

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to begin a challenge. You may feel like it is too late to start, or you don’t know where or how to start. You may think your goal number of books to read isn’t impressive. However, all of that is stopping you from even trying.

  1. Choose a Realistic Goal. Choose a realistic number of books for you and/or your children to read. You don’t need to read 50 to 100 books this year if you are just getting started. Focusing on reading 12 books, one per month is good enough, and if you end up reading more, great! But at least try to meet your goal.
  2. Count it all. You and your child may be at a higher reading level but may spend most of your time reading children’s books or picture books. Count them in your reading anyway. It all counts! That means the books I read to my kids in our homeschool or the ones they read to themselves in our homeschool all count in our reading challenge. The books we listen to through audiobooks, count!
  3. Make it fun. Don’t force yourself or your kids to read what you think you should be reading. Read what you enjoy, what excites you and fills you up.
  4. Discuss. Discuss what you are reading with your friends, family, or even on social media. You will inspire others to read, and you may even get some good recommendations along the way. Plus, your kids will be bound to have big juicy conversations on what they are reading too.
  5. Keep a variety. Please don’t overwhelm yourself with a ton of non-fiction books (I did this last year). Fiction can inspire and teach you just as much as non-fiction titles. Try all the genres. You never know when you will find something you didn’t know you would like.

Rules for this Reading Challenge

It is super easy to join us for this challenge.  There is no commitment to us, just action for yourself and your kids. Set a goal, the number of books you or your child would like to read for the year. Start reading and log what you read so you can keep track of all the titles you read for the year. I have noticed that it is great to review all the titles you have read for the month at the end of each month. Track your progress, create a graph/chart (if we create one, we will add it here for you to use). Until then, we have created a simple reading log that you can download, print, and enjoy! You may even like to use our Reading Challenge Gameboard for more reading fun.

Dowload Your Reading Challenge, Reading Log

If you are already a Blooming Brilliant Insider, then head on over to the Resources Library, login, and download one of or all of our reading logs. If you aren’t yet an insider, what are you waiting for? Join NOW

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