Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge with Reading Log Printable

Reading Challenge

As we begin a new year, we tend to set goals. I have tried to set goals for myself when it comes to reading, but I have never put a concrete number on it. I would say “I would like to read more this year”. Well, this year I put a number on it and so did my daughter! I set a goal to read 50 to 100 books this year which includes books I read aloud to my kids. Isabella said it would be nice to read 30 to 50 books this year including books we read together. I think we can do it, want to join us on this reading challenge?

We can’t deny it.

Reading is probably one of the greatest activity to get your children into it. Did you know that even once a child knows how to read on their own there is much to get from being read to? Reading aloud to children improves their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and best of all their attitudes about reading. So even if your child doesn’t want to read on their own, make the challenge to read with your child x number of books for the year.


It is super easy to join us for this challenge.  There is no commitment to us, just action for yourself and your kids. Set a number you or your child would like to read for the year. Start reading and log what you read so you can keep track of all the titles you read for the year. I have noticed that it is great to review all the titles you have read for the month at the end of each month. Track your progress, create a graph/chart (if we create one we will add it here for you to use). Until then we have created a simple reading log that you can download, print and enjoy!

Download here or visit our resource library to download



Are you excited to start a new reading challenge this year? Have you shared this challenge with your friends? Do you have any recommendations for books to read this year? Let us know in the comment section below. If you are taking part in this challenge snap some photos of your participation and share it with us on Instagram using the hashtag- #BloomingBrilliantReads


Reading Challenge with Reading Log Printable


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