5 Reasons Why We Homeschool

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Ever wonder why we started homeschooling? Why was homeschooling the right choice for us and if your reasons are valid?

5 Reasons Why We Started Homeschooling

First, let me say if you are thinking about homeschooling, you probably have a few reasons why you want to homeschool in your own back pocket. Maybe you are concerned that those reasons aren’t valid, but trust me, they are valid no matter how big, or small they are. One of the most popular questions we get is why did we choose to homeschool. People have so many preconceived notions when it comes to homeschooling. In this post, I want to explain why WE homeschool. I also filmed a short video giving some background on why we began homeschooling and some of the significant causes and options we had. Before we share the five reasons why we homeschool, please take a moment to share this post to your homeschool board.


Homeschooling is not for the weak of heart. It isn’t all magic and rainbows. Homeschooling consists of chaos, frustration, as well as love, joy. Homeschooling isn’t the natural choice when it comes to educating our children. There is no natural choice. However, it is a choice and a valid option.

Gifted and Talented

As you may know, Blooming Brilliant was born shortly after my daughter Isabella. It started as a place where I could share my journey and experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I fell in love with early childhood education and started sharing everything I was learning about psychological development. All these educational games, techniques, and tools we used with Isabella stuck. She is truly a gifted child. I am pretty sure she was born gifted, but all our educational pursuits in her baby and toddler years had to contribute something, right?

When did we start homeschooling?

I count all those baby, toddler and preschool years as homeschool. We had fun learning through play and I loved watching her grow and learn. I loved being with her and spending time making and doing things together. Even though I wanted to continue our homeschooling journey, we thought it best to enroll her in a local public school in the gifted and talented class for the first grade.

Traditional School

Isabella enjoyed traditional school. Her favorite class was drama (go figure!), and she loved her teacher and class so much. She still remembers them fondly. However, she wasn’t being challenged in school. Most of the topics in the class were easy for her. She was looked at as “little miss perfect.” Her friends and classmates would quiz her at lunch and recess. She helped correct everyone in her class’s work when they did peer corrections. She also missed being home and participating in things her younger brother and I were learning. I missed having her home, but I also enjoyed the break of having to teach two kids.


We did have some options besides turning to homeschool, which included:

  1. Sending her to a different school! Sounds great in theory, but our options were private school which we couldn’t afford (that doesn’t necessarily have a better more challenging curriculum for her age group).
  2. Sending her to a faraway school which she will have to be bused to. I didn’t love the idea of having her so far away, I liked bringing her to school and picking her up, I liked being able to get her in a pinch if she wasn’t feeling well.
  3. Having her skip a grade. Kids are growing up so fast! We didn’t want our daughter surrounded by a bunch of older kids and learning things that she might not have been ready to learn about or that we would rather talk to her about first.
  4.  Homeschool, where we can teach her based on her learning level and not her age.

Why do we homeschool?

So why did we choose to homeschool? Here are our five main reasons that we chose to homeschool:

  1. Education- it is important to us; we love that with homeschool, Isabella can learn to her level and not her age. It also offers her the chance to master her lessons, as well as some control over what she wants to learn. She has control over her education, which makes it more fun for her to learn.
  2. Freedom of Time- we love that we are in control of our time, we can have a relaxing pace to our day. We can start first thing in the morning, afternoon, or even do our school lessons in the evening. Whatever works for us.
  3. Freedom of How we Learn-  I briefly mentioned how she has some control over what she learns, being able to choose what books or curriculum we use, and how deep we dive into a subject, adding certain things to our lessons has been priceless.
  4. Mastery- I briefly mentioned this earlier as well, being able to take more time to review topics that are difficult for her and give her the ability to thoroughly learn something entirely before moving on.
  5. Morals- being able to make sure our morals are shared throughout subjects and topics.

5 Reasons Why We Homeschool Chat

Just a few reasons why

These are just a few reasons why we homeschool. We go back each year and reassess whether homeschooling is working for us if our why is the same as when we started. Your why can change? No matter what your why is, your reason for homeschooling is something you should focus on, especially when homeschooling is difficult.

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