Teaching Human Biology with Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Medicine

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Teaching Human Biology with Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Medicine

Are your kids interested in learning about human biology? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of trying to teach that to them? It’s okay, so was I. For years my daughter wanted to be a doctor and the thought of teaching her what she needed to know to go into that field was daunting. Now, her interests have shifted to veterinary medicine. However, she is still fascinated by human biology. Finding Dr. Robin’s School has been such an exciting part of our journey. While there are a ton of books and programs it’s hard to find one that will cater to your child’s needs, that will teach and keep them engaged can be difficult. Add to that, multiple kids of various ages. Somehow, Dr. Robin does it! Before we talk more about the amazing Dr. Robin’s School, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

*Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by Dr. Robin’s School, I was compensated for my time, all opinions are 100% my own honest opinions and I wasn’t required to post a positive review. You can read my full disclosure here.

Who is Doctor Robin?

Doctor Robin Dickinson MD is a board-certified family physician and adjunct faculty at a medical school. She’s a homeschooling mom and has a lifetime of teaching experience. She owned a solo private practice for seven years that was designed around having an hour for every appointment in order to have the time to teach each person what is actually going on in their body. It is important to Dr. Robin that people understand their bodies, that is why she created a curriculum to teach all about human biology. Dr. Robin inspires people of all ages to want to take care of their bodies by teaching them how their bodies work.

About Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Medicine

Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Medicine is a login-and-go curriculum that requires little to no preparation from the parents. Dr. Robin’s School was recently launched in 2021. This curriculum is aimed at elementary and middle schoolers, however, you are bound to learn alongside your children. It allows kids to learn completely on their own. Everything they need is in the lesson.

Details about Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Medicine

  • Dr. Robin’s School meets a variety of learning styles. It includes video lessons, coloring pages, dissections, drawing, modeling, and activities. While you are free to just watch the video lessons. You can also do the activities with Dr. Robin which can be as simple as the printable coloring pages to science experiments, demonstrations, and dissections.
  • Video lessons average about 30 minutes. Dr. Robin explains every concept on screen and shows children illustrations, demonstrations and animations for easier understanding.
  • Printables are optional but simple and fun. They include coloring pages and worksheet pages. They are simple an easy to o while watching the videos alongside Dr. Robin who also encourages children to take notes. Recently Dr. Robin has added a workbook about the basics of the human body.
  • There are many topics covered in the course, and more added weekly. The image above shows you an overview of the topics, each topic is broken down from basic to intermediate to advanced.
  • Dr. Robin is a physician who teaches the course, it has a lot of real-life correlation and goes way beyond just learning about organs and how they work. It is about truly understanding. I also love how Dr. Robin stresses the importance of actually understanding the body versus memorizing facts.
  • Lessons can be made simple for younger kids or expanded for older kids, the lessons build from basic to intermediate and give you the option to dive more deeply into physiology and disease and connect all the parts together instead of thinking about them separately.
  • Again. the curriculum is always growing, new lessons are being added regularly, typically one new lesson a week!
  • Dr. Robin goes above and beyond to answer your children’s questions. Not only does she answer them, but she takes them seriously.

Accessing Dr. Robin’s School

There are two ways to access the lessons, you can use the classroom and all lessons. In the classroom, you can choose the videos by broad topics or activities. In All Lessons, you can access the videos with more specialized topics. You can easily see the level of each video as well.

Pricing and Payment Options

Dr. Robin offers several payment options from one month to a year, you can even purchase separate unit studies for as little as five dollars!

Prices as of February 2022

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