Secrets of the Seashore #KidLit #BookReview

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Secrets of the Seashore which is a perfect book for summer. #KIDLIT

Secrets of the Seashore

Looking for books that your kids will be obsessed with but will also learn so much from? The of A Shine -A- Light Book series is a favorite among kids, teachers, and parents. Today we are sharing Secrets of the Seashore which is a perfect book for summer. If you are visiting the beach or seaside for summer, then your kids will be fascinated by all the secrets of the seashore which you can find in this excellent book.

Secrets of the Seashore

Secrets of the Seashore Book Review

Spot the tiny shrimps hiding in the sand, see a shy crab underneath a rock and watch a jewel-like anemone open its tentacles in this beautiful book of nature’s hidden habitats. Just hold the page up to a light to discover it all. Kids of many ages love these books. It is an ingenious way to engage kids in story-time. Secrets of the Seashore helps build prediction skills as the kids try to guess what they’ll discover when they shine a light through the page. My two-year-old even loves taking the flashlight out from the draw and curling up with these books, so it does reach a variety of ages. They love seeing what magically appears on the page when brought up to the light and I love that they are getting introduced to animals and habitats.



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Secrets of the Seashore which is a perfect book for summer. #KIDLIT



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