Sewing with Kids- Flower Pillow

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Sewing with Kids Flower Pillow

Sewing with Kids- Flower Pillow

Isabella has been nagging me to teach her how to sew, so we finally took the plunge and started learning some basic sewing with whatever we have around the house. Sewing is an excellent skill to learn and it is also great to improve your fine motor skills. Today we are creating a flower pillow.


Flower Pillow

Isabella started her sewing journey with this simple felt pillow. It is really simple to make and if you make mistakes then you just go back a little or continue and learn from them. Everything you make is special and really there are no mistakes. While making this project, the younger one (AJ) of course wanted to get in on the action. Since he is only three years old, he is too young to use a needle. Instead of letting him sew with a needle and thread we practiced some lacing with lacing boards, which are great to start teaching sewing (something Isabella did when she was younger) and also great for fine motor skills.

What you will need:

What to do:

  1. First sketch a pattern on a piece of paper, we drew this flower.
  2. Then pin the pattern (the sketch) to the felt.
  3. Cut out the pattern from the felt. You need 2 copies a back and front.
  4. Use a large needle-like this
  5. Thread with yarn or craft thread (craft thread is easier, we had yarn handy)
  6. Sew a whip stitch around the border
  7. Leave a piece open so you can stuff the pillow or stuffy
  8. Stuff with extra felt, cotton balls or stuffing.
  9. Finally, add some embellishments with a Sharpie Marker or Fabric Paint (optional)


Have you taught your kids to sew or are you just starting to? Do you have any recommendations for projects or skills you would like to work on? Let us know in the comments. If you have tried this project snap a photo and share it with us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram using the hashtag- #bloomingbrilliant



Sewing with Kids Flower Pillow



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