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  • Pi Day Color By Number Worksheets


    Pi Day Color by Number worksheets is educational activity sheets designed to celebrate Pi Day, which is observed on March 14th every year. The worksheets feature various images of Pi and Math, such as pi symbols, math operations, pencil, calculator, and more, divided into sections or shapes. Each section or shape is assigned a number…

  • Poetry Teatime Planner Worksheet


    Elevate your homeschooling experience with our Poetry Teatime Planner Worksheet, a delightful one-page tool designed to help you craft the perfect poetry teatime gathering. Whether you’re an experienced homeschooler or just starting on your educational journey, this beautifully designed worksheet will add a touch of elegance and organization to your poetry teatime sessions. Key Features:…

  • Summer Activity Grid

    Summer Activity Grid


    Our Summer Activity Grid is the ultimate resource for an action-packed and enriching summer! This one-page worksheet is designed to ignite your child’s imagination and provide many ideas for fun-filled and educational activities throughout the sunny season. Our Summer Activity Grid is a treasure trove of exciting options conveniently organized in a grid format for…

  • Summer Activity Kit


    Get ready to dive into a world of summer fun with our Printable Summer Activity Pack! Packed with a delightful assortment of summer-themed activities, this pack is designed to keep you entertained, engaged, and mentally stimulated throughout the sunny season. 22 pages Key Features: Shadow Matching: Test your visual perception and match objects with their…

  • Summer Bookmarks


    Our Summer Bookmarks are the perfect companions for reading adventures during the sunny season! This delightful set of five bookmarks brings the essence of summer to your favorite books, allowing you to mark your place in style while adding a touch of creativity to your reading experience. Our Summer Bookmarks feature charming and vibrant designs…

  • Summer Bucket List


    This summer bucket list is a simple printable for Summer that you can throw on your fridge or in your planner and keep give you ideas of all the fun stuff to do with your family this season. We have many ideas here, like, going stargazing, camping, having a barbecue, or writing a letter!

  • Summer Homeschool Bucket List

    Summer Bucket List for Kids (personalized)


    Summer Bucket List for Kids is the ultimate worksheet for your child to make the most of their summer adventures! This one-page, simple yet engaging activity empowers your child to create and fulfill their personalized summer bucket list. With our Summer Bucket List worksheet, children can let their imagination run wild as they jot down…

  • Summer Checklist (schedule)


    Our Summer Checklist is the ultimate tool to help you make the most out of your summer adventures! This versatile and customizable schedule lets you track your activities, accomplishments, and goals, ensuring a fun-filled and productive summer. Our Summer Checklist provides a structured framework that you can either use as is or personalize according to…

  • Summer Color By Number


    Our Summer Color by Number activity pack is a delightful way to embrace the spirit of summer while engaging in the relaxing art of coloring! This pack includes a collection of captivating summer-themed coloring pages with numbered sections corresponding to specific colors, making it easy and enjoyable to create vibrant masterpieces. Our Summer Color by…

  • Summer Fun Activity Pack


    Get ready for a summer filled with excitement and adventure with our Printable Summer Fun Activity Pack! Packed with various engaging and entertaining activities, this all-in-one pack is designed to keep you entertained and immersed in the season’s spirit. 29 pages Key Features:  I Spy: Dive into the world of visual exploration with our captivating …

  • Summer Fun Learning Bundle


    Grab all of our summer printables in this one bundle. Over 100 pages of fun learning activities, including: Summer Reading Log Summer Bingo for Kids Summer Bingo for Teens Summer Reading Challenge Summer I Spy Summer Observations Worksheet Summer Writing Prompts Summer Fun Activity Pack Summer Activity Pack Summer Trace and Color Summer Plans Worksheet…

  • Summer Homeschool Plan

    Summer Homeschool Plan


    Our Summer Homeschool Plan is the perfect tool to help you organize and structure your homeschooling activities during the summer months. This simple yet effective worksheet provides ample space to plan your weekly curriculum, ensuring a productive and engaging learning experience for your child. Our Summer Homeschool Plan is designed to streamline your homeschooling routine,…

  • Summer I Spy


    Get ready for an exciting and engaging summer activity that will keep you entertained for hours – our Printable Summer I Spy! Packed with vibrant illustrations and intriguing objects, this interactive game is perfect for kids and the young at heart who are looking for a delightful way to pass the time during the sunny…

  • Summer Observations Worksheet


    Are you ready to explore the wonders of the summer season and sharpen your observation skills? Look no further than our Printable Summer Observations Worksheet! Designed to enhance your connection with nature and encourage mindful exploration, this interactive worksheet is the perfect companion for those seeking to delve deeper into the beauty of the natural…

  • Summer Plans Worksheet for Kids


    Our Summer Plans Worksheet for Kids is the perfect companion for kids to capture their dreams and aspirations for an unforgettable summer! This delightful one-sheet worksheet allows children to express their desires, set goals, and visualize their ideal summer experiences. Our Summer Plans Worksheet for Kids is thoughtfully designed to encompass all the elements of…

  • Summer Reading Bingo for Kids


    Our Summer Reading Bingo for Kids is the ultimate companion to make reading an exciting and interactive adventure during the summer months! This one-page bingo activity is designed to motivate and engage young readers, inspiring them to explore a variety of books and genres while having fun. Our Summer Reading Bingo for Kids features a…