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  • Summer Reading Bingo for Teens


    Is your teen ready to dive into a world of captivating stories and embark on an exciting reading adventure this summer? Look no further than our Printable Summer Reading Bingo! Specifically designed for teens, this interactive and engaging bingo game will turn your summer reading into an epic quest.

  • Summer Reading Challenge


    Are you ready to embark on a literary expedition this summer? Look no further than our Printable Summer Reading Challenge! Designed to make your reading experience thrilling and rewarding, this interactive challenge will inspire you to discover new genres, explore diverse voices, and create lasting memories through the power of books.

  • Summer Reading Log


    Are you ready to embark on a thrilling reading journey this summer? Look no further than our Printable Summer Reading Log! Designed to make tracking your reading progress an enjoyable and interactive experience, this versatile log is perfect for bookworms of all ages.

  • Summer Scissor Skills


    This printable Summer Scissor skills activity pack is a fun-filled educational resource designed to develop your child’s fine motor skills while igniting their creativity and imagination during the sunny summer months. With our printable activity, children will embark on a colorful adventure where they can practice their scissor skills while cutting out various summer-themed shapes…

  • Summer Trace and Color Activity Pack


    Ignite your child’s imagination and enhance their fine motor skills with our printable Summer Trace and Color Activity Pack! Bursting with delightful summer-themed illustrations, this pack engages young learners in a world of creative exploration while improving their pencil control and hand-eye coordination. 15 pages

  • Summer Writing Prompts


    Are you ready to embark on a creative journey and let your imagination run wild this summer? Look no further than our Printable Summer Writing Prompts! Designed to ignite your storytelling prowess, these engaging prompts will inspire your children to write captivating narratives and explore the depths of your creativity.   14 pages

  • Super Brothers Activity Pack

    Super Brothers Activity Pack


    This 31-page Super Brothers Activity Pack is perfect for early learners, introducing basic skills such as handwriting, spelling, patterns, and math.

    This Activity Pack includes:

    Line tracing
    Pre-writing Practices
    Roll the die and Graphing
    Handwriting Letters and Words
    What Comes Next (Pattern)
    Spot the Difference
    Cutting Practice
    Pasting Practice
    Shadow Match
    Addition and Subtraction
    Letter Identification
    ISpy with Graphing