Easy DIY Snowman Picture Frame Ornament for Kids

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Snowman Picture Frame Craft

The holiday season is the perfect time for making memories with your family. Why not capture one of those special moments in a handmade snowman picture frame craft? This easy Christmas ornament doubles as festive winter wall art that will become a treasured family keepsake.

With just a few common craft supplies like popsicle sticks, glue, and some creativity, children of all ages can make this cute snowman picture frame in under 30 minutes. We originally created this ornament craft when our daughter became a big sister, and we loved having a DIY way to memorialize the moment. Now we hang it proudly on our Christmas tree every year to remind us of that special time.

This kid-friendly project also makes a thoughtful homemade gift, or an engaging activity for a holiday playdate. Have the kids decorate frames with markers, glitter, and other embellishments before inserting their favorite photo. Extend the learning by discussing sequencing while assembling the sticks, fine motor skills while gluing, and creativity while customizing.

So gather your little ones and get ready for Christmas crafting! Be sure to pin this post for later inspiration. Now let’s dive into the easy step-by-step tutorial for making this handmade snowman ornament and picture frame.

Why We Love this Snowman Picture Frame Ornament Craft

This easy paper craft delivers big benefits that both kids and parents will love:

Memorializes Special Memories: The homemade picture frame allows you to highlight favorite family photos from winter festivities or a memorable moment like a new baby. It becomes a sentimental Christmas keepsake.

Develops Motor Skills: Assembling the craft sticks, cutting out shapes from paper, gluing, and tying string all help improve children’s fine motor skills.

Sparks Creativity: Decorating the frame with paint, glitter, markers and other embellishments allows kids to add their own creative touches.

Easy to Adapt: Simplify for younger kids or incorporate more complex elements for older kids. Add additional sticks to make a 3D sculpture.

Encourages Family Bonding: It’s screen-free fun the whole family can enjoy together on a chilly day. Kids will beam with pride to display their handmade frame.

Gives a Sense of Achievement: Seeing their picture frame ornament go from craft materials to completed project boosts children’s confidence and self-esteem.

Low Cost: You likely have all the supplies in your craft closet already. If not, materials are inexpensive and versatile for future projects.

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Materials Needed for DIY Snowman Picture Frame

Chances are you already have most, if not all, of the supplies needed to create this Christmas snowman craft. But if you do need to purchase anything, I’ve included handy Amazon affiliate links so you can easily find and buy supplies.

  • Craft Sticks – You’ll need 4 thin wooden craft sticks to form the frame and body of the snowman ornament. These jumbo sticks provide more surface area for decorating.
  • White Acrylic Paint – Paint the sticks white before assembling them to look like snow. This acrylic paint adheres well to wood and dries quickly.
  • Glitter Glue – Sparkly glitter glue adds a fun decorative touch and shimmering accents to your frame.
  • All-Purpose Household Glue – Any essential white glue will work to assemble the craft sticks and attach the paper decorations. Elmer’s and Aileen’s Tacky Glue are good options.
  • Baker’s Twine – White Use twine to hang the finished snowman ornament frame.
  • Construction Paper – Red, orange, and black sheets of paper get cut into hat and nose shapes to embellish the frame.
  • Cardstock Paper – Print and cut a photo to size to insert and display in the frame. White cardstock also makes a nice blank background.

Follow Our Step-by-Step Video Tutorial for Making a Snowman Picture Frame

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making the Snowman Picture Frame Ornament

Follow these simple steps to create your own custom snowman picture frame keepsake with your kids:

  1. Trace and Cut Out Paper Shapes On white cardstock, trace a medium circle using a bowl or plate as a stencil. Next, use black construction paper to trace and cut out two small circles (eyes), one small semi-circle (mouth), two boot shapes, and a triangle (nose) from orange paper.
  2. Paint Craft Sticks and Cardstock Circle Paint four thin craft sticks and the cardstock circle white. Allow them to dry completely. Optional: Sprinkle the painted sticks and circle lightly with white glitter glue for added sparkle while the paint is still wet.
  3. Cut Out Facial Features and Decorative Elements From black construction paper, cut small triangle (hat), small rectangle (scarf), and oval (mittens) shapes.
  4. Assemble the Snowman Head Glue on the facial features cut from black and orange construction paper onto the white painted circle. Then glue on the black hat shape.
  5. Attach Head to Body Glue the snowman’s head to the top of one craft stick positioned vertically to form the body. Allow to dry.
  6. Frame the Photo
    Trim two craft sticks to match the width of your photo. Glue sticks horizontally to form a picture frame, leaving a photo-sized space between them.
  7. Add Final Decorative Touches Glue on the mittens, boots, and scarf onto the snowman’s body. Tie a loop of string or twine at the top to hang as an ornament.
  8. Insert Photo Slide your favorite photo inside the paper frame to complete your custom snowman picture keepsake!

Snowman Books to Read Before Crafting Your DIY Frame

What better way to get excited about making this snowman craft than reading some classic snowman picture books with your kids? Curl up with some hot cocoa and enjoy these favorites featuring frosty, magical snowmen:

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

This wordless picture book tells the enchanting story of a boy whose snowman comes to life at midnight. They embark on a magical adventure together that culminates with an unforgettable flight. This book inspired the classic animated film that families watch every holiday season.

Frosty the Snowman

No list would be complete without this famous friendly snowman with the corncob pipe, button nose, and two eyes made out of coal. This book edition contains the lyrics to the beloved song from the 1969 TV holiday classic.

The Missing Mitten Mystery

Grab your mittens and join the fun mystery of Ms. Plumley’s missing mitten on Snowperson Lane, starring jolly snowpeople (and snowcats!). This amusing tall tale will have children giggling.

Let It Snow

Snowfriends Soft Snowman, Snow Lady, and Snow Rabbit come to life when a young boy’s wish for snow is finally granted. This whimsical story captures the magic and bliss of the first winter snowfall.

Reading these frosty adventures will get kids excited about creating their own snowman artwork to frame special memories and display. Have your child draw pictures inspired by the snowmen in these heartwarming tales.

Craft Your Own Snowman Picture Frame Keepsake

There you have it – everything you need to create a handmade snowman ornament picture frame cute popsicle stick figures, and festive embellishments. Kids will have a blast personalizing frames to treasure favorite photos and special memories for years.

Follow the simple step-by-step tutorial with your children, grandchildren, students, or scout troop to make an easy DIY holiday craft that requires only readily available supplies. Adapt for all ages and abilities. Extend the learning opportunity by developing fine motor skills and creative expression.

Then snuggle up with hot cocoa and some of our snowman book recommendations for the complete winter crafting experience. Let those literary snowy adventures spark inspiration for decorating imaginative snowfriends to frame precious family moments frozen in time. You’ll never look at a simple photo the same way again.

Don’t let another Christmas go by without this fun family keepsake activity. Did you love making these one-of-a-kind snowman picture frame ornaments as much as we did? Share photos of your finished products in the comments below for a chance to be featured!

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