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Blog Banner Sofia's Dream is a wonderful little story that will excite your little reader on the importance of taking care of our planet. Check out our full KidLit Book Review.

KidLit Book Reviews

Isabella loves reading and has decided that she wants to share some of her favorite stories with our readers. If you have never seen our home video channel than you may not know that she can be a little diva, enjoying the spotlight. Therefore, I will be filming her reviews (posting onto our Blooming Brilliant channel), and sharing my thoughts in written form here on the blog. We will include the video in the post, but we would also love for you to subscribe to our channel.  Are you ready for our first review?

Sofia’s Dream by Land Wilson

Are you looking for the perfect book to inspire your children to take care of the environment? If you are, then check out Sofia’s Dream written by Land Wilson, illustrated by Sue Cornelison. My daughter loved reading this book between the story, message, and beautiful illustrations it is the perfect book for Earth Day or Every Day! Before we share more about this amazing book, take a moment, and pin this post to your Reading board.

What is Sofia’s Dream about?

Sofia’s Dream is a delightful story about a little girl who becomes friends with the moon. After a while, the moon asks Sofia to come to visit him. While it seems impossible, she takes a dreamy adventure to see the moon when he is despondent. She gets to see his point of view and realizes why he is so sad. It turns out that the Earth isn’t being taken care of properly. Sofia becomes determined to help take care of the Earth and share what she learned with others.

The Review

This story is beautiful with a great message to take care of our planet, the Earth. It is written in a lovely soothing rhythm, perfect for reading at bedtime. It is also a great story to be read to a class and grow awareness of the importance of taking care of our planet. The illustrations are beautiful; we automatically recognized Sue Cornelison’s artwork from the American Girl Bitty Baby series. Her characters are always adorable.


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