Standardized Testing in our Homeschool with Homeschool Testing Services

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Are you look for where to purchase standardized tests for your homeschool? Homeschool Testing Services has been a great asset.

Standardized Testing in Our Homeschool

Here in New York, standardized testing is required once your child reaches fourth grade and then every other year until 8th grade. When you are just navigating the world of homeschool and trying not to make any mistakes in regards to regulations the thought of testing your children is stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be. I am so happy that I found Homeschool Testing Services and let me tell you why.


Benefits of Homeschool Testing Services

They make each step easy and painless.

Homeschool Testing Services is affordable.

It shipped to me within ten days, and I received it in excellent condition.

It is At-Home Testing at its best! We were able to make it our Homeschool day.

They grade it! Mail it back to them and then within two weeks they give you a detailed analysis of the results.


Using Homeschool Testing Services in Our Homeschool


New York has so many regulations, and testing was one of them that was keeping me up in the middle of the night. I knew that my daughter was now in fourth grade and the time was here to dive in. I procrastinate, did research, worried, and finally made a decision, to do it. I received two complementary tests from Homeschool Test Services in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts.


Homeschool Testing Services gave me the ability to provide the Stanford-10 National Achievement Test at home. My children were comfortable, and so was I. This test is available for students K through 12th grade. We took advantage of that and tested our kindergartner and fourth grader.

The Stanford- 10 National Achievement Test is the same nationally recognized test used in the on-site testing. The Stanford-10 not only offers homeschoolers information on their student’s achievement, but it also provides comparisons based on nationwide test results.


One thing that made me worry about At-Home Testing was that I needed a teacher or certified educator present. I didn’t! I was able to administer the test; you do not even need a B.A. to conduct the At-Home test. This benefit of At-Home Testing with Homeschool Testing Services put me at ease; I no longer had to worry anymore about sending my child to school for testing or having a teacher come into my home to administer the test.


Testing was simple and fun


Yes, you read that correctly. My children enjoyed taking the tests! I know it sounds crazy. Right? Well, honestly at first we all felt a little bit worried. But then we took a breath and jumped into it. We ended up blocking out a week for testing, we dropped our traditional homeschool routine and focused about an hour or two a day (for each child) to focus on their test. I read the instructions to them and did a few things around the house until the timer went off. Then depending on how much time was left we moved on or waited till the next day.


Healthy Assessment Strengthens Families


Healthy Assessment Strengthens Families is the motto of Homeschool Testing Services, and it is true. Tests don’t have to be daunting or scary. They are kind of like games that measure your learning. These tests that my children took offered me insights that I wasn’t wholly aware of beforehand. They were simple tests that all of us go through at some point and being able to take them. At-home is a great way to make a healthy connection to tests with your children.

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What are your feelings about testing in your homeschool? Have you tried Homeschool Testing Services, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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Are you look for where to purchase standardized tests for your homeschool? Homeschool Testing Services has been a great asset.

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