STEM Learning at Home

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STEM Learning at Home

If you recently found yourself at home with your children and are looking for ways to keep them engaged and entertained while learning for a few weeks or months then I am excited to share some tips that you can use to help your children explore the world of STEM at home. Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this to your STEM board.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. There are numerous fun and exciting ways for your children to explore the world of STEM from the comfort of your home.

Books that inspire STEM learning

It is always a great idea to build learning around a book. Books can inspire, and make things that you never thought were possible, possible. If your children are anything like mine then they will become huge fans of books related to STEM learning. You can check out a list of some fun STEM picture books here, however, if you are unable to order or borrow books at the moment than check out this video story from Kid Story Time.

You can also check audible for a great titles as well, If you don’t already have an Amazon Audible membership, then grab one and download a title or two right away. You can always cancel later. If you are looking for a completely FREE option, visit your local library website for the Overdrive or the Libby App, which provides rental of audiobooks with your library card.

Try your hand at a fun Experiment

Experiments are always a fun way to spice things up with the kids. Something about making a mess and/or mixing things up makes them happy and not even realize how much they are learning. Some of our favorite experiments are the Rainbow Jar experiment which helps kids actually see how density works, the Rotting Apple experiment which helps kids understand decay, and Growing a Gummy experiment which helps teach osmosis.

Think inside the Box

Another great way to add more STEM learning fun to your children’s lives is to grab a STEM kit that can come directly to your home. One of our favorites is the Tinkercrate from Kiwico, but there are so many more we have enjoyed over the years. STEM kits are a perfect option because it comes with everything you need inside them including what to do, so you don’t need to stress about supplies or figuring out what to do for a list of STEM kits that come either monthly or on special occasions check out this list here.

Create a Makerspace

Want your children to explore the world of STEM freely? Create a Makerspace where they can tinker and explore with odds and ends. Makerspaces incorporate engineering materials, crafting supplies, technology, robotics and more. If your children are fans of lego, kinex, or even the original goldieblox toys these are great additions to makerspaces. This can be done inside in the corner of a room or even outside if you have some outside space. Check out more about makerspaces and download a set of makerspace task cards.

More Learning

Whether you are a full-time homeschooler, or are trying to figure out what to do during an unexpected break from school, or just trying to find some fun educational activities during the holidays it can be a struggle to find ideas. I hope that the ideas I have shared for STEM learning at home helps you and your children.

I have joined up with an amazing group of bloggers who are helping to meet this challenge and offer a variety of ideas you can use right now at home with your children.

Check out ideas for elementary-aged children as well as tweens and teens here, make sure to check back often as it is constantly being updated to offer ideas.

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