Summer Homeschooling Made Easy

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Summer Homeschooling Made Easy

I believe homeschooling is a lifestyle. We constantly learn, which doesn’t stop on weekends, holidays, or summer vacations. Our typical summer plans have changed this year, and we will be home more than usual. I want to give my children some structure, so I have been thinking of a fun summer homeschool routine. As we begin to implement this plan, I figure I can share it with you in case you are like me, trying to create the best out of a situation. Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

*Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by Homeschool Buyers Club, I was compensated for my time, all opinions are 100% my own honest opinions and I wasn’t required to post a positive review. You can read my full disclosure here.

Why Continue Homeschooling through Summer?

Summer should be fun and relaxing. There should be space to explore, find new interests and learn through rest. However, sometimes kids get bored and don’t have any constructive things to do, which results in excessive screen time.

Did you know as homeschoolers, we are the boss? We make up our schedules. There are tons of homeschool families that homeschool year-round, and it gives them the freedom to take breaks during the year. Last year my daughter did a virtual veterinary camp over the summer and other courses, and my son worked through lessons throughout the summer, giving us the freedom to take a week off a vacation in October. Summer is a time to have fun and explore, but it is also great to continue our learning plan, spend extra time where we need, and get to things we want. It also helps children not struggle with adjusting back into homeschooling in the fall.

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What we are doing this summer

If you follow us on social media, I don’t think it’s a secret that there have been moments of a struggle this past year. I have a lot on my plate as a solo-working homeschool mom, and there have been times this past school year when I shut down. I let the kids have off from school so I could get my mind right, and while my kids still managed to excel this year, my daughter is headed towards high school, and my son has skills he is still mastering. While I am not sure what this next homeschool year has planned for us, I know that we have time and energy to dive into subjects we didn’t have time for now. Use curriculum that has piled up and explore free online resources that we can’t resist. The key is NOT to overdo summer homeschool lessons. Keep it light and fun. Release the pressure to complete things, and explore without strict schedules and deadlines.

Creating a routine

One advantage of homeschooling through the summer is keeping with your routine. School for us usually takes only a couple of hours a day. Keeping to our routine will be good for the kids and me, as we will not have such a difficult time adjusting to the new school year. With summer homeschool, we focus on the basics, reading, and math, but we also explore the fun subjects, diving deep now where we didn’t have the time to during the school year.

Curriculum and Resources

While we are looking for the curriculum for the upcoming school year, this is the perfect time to review the curriculum we already have. Do I need a new curriculum? Am I looking for supplemental material to add to our current curriculum to make it more fun?

There are a bunch of free trials available too right now through the Homeschool Buyers Club. This is the perfect time to test the curriculum and see what works for us.

Summer Homeschooling

The main focus of our summer homeschooling is reading. We love to read, both together and independently. This is a simple thing we can do. You can check out our Summer Reading Challenge Game and Summer Reading Challenge for some motivation to get reading.

Reading is the key to everything. Reading allows you to slip history, science, and even math into the mix. Reading ignites an idea you can then expand upon, creating activities such as experiments, field trips, and much more!

Summer Learning Activities

While reading is the cornerstone of our summer homeschool, we plan to focus on art, diving into new and missed lessons. We also plan to explore science in more depth. With my mind constantly running on wanting to do this and that it is hard to focus and get things done, creating plans helps me stay sane and accomplish our goals.

By becoming a Blooming Brilliant Homeschoolers Club Member, you can download our free printable summer lesson plan pages and summer activity grid from our Library of Resources.

*This password changes monthly, and you will get a new password each month.

5 Summer Learning Activities to Try

Please keep it simple! I know it is easy to want to do everything and to go full force. However, it helps our children and us if we focus on less. We chose just a few lessons to include every day. We are sharing five learning activities that we are focusing on this month. Stay tuned as we begin to incorporate new things next month.

Math Madness!

Math is a subject that we are always practicing. Whether doing a few daily problems or playing math games, we must keep practicing our math skills year-round.

Summer is a great time to experiment with the new math curriculum, go back and review topics that your kids may be struggling with and take your time through the process.

We are taking advantage of the free trials to Thinkwell, a highly acclaimed math program, and Math Mammoth PDFs through the Homeschool Buyers Club.


We are always focused on mindfulness in our homeschool. This continues through summer as we focus on gratitude, affirmations, and mindfulness. You can check out our whole mindfulness series with free tips and resources to help you teach mindfulness in your homeschool.


Summer is a great time to focus on playing games in your homeschool. While you know tons about cooperation and proper behavior when winning or losing, games teach everything from math, geography, science, language arts, and anything! You may not realize how much you can learn through games.


History is a subject that we have tended to neglect and started getting back into towards the end of this past school year. I want to keep up our routine of doing one day of history a week, and I have found a free trial of History Alive through Homeschool Buyers Club that we are trying out.

It’s a video-based subscription program covering various countries you get to study monthly. Not only do you get to learn history but geography as well.

Computer Science

While I want to be aware of screen time, my kids love to explore the world of technology, especially coding. I was excited to try out Code Avengers for Free with the Homeschool Buyers Club.

Explore being a hacker, internet safety, and get a better look at how computers use binary to translate code.

Homeschool Buyers Club Summer Camp Event

If you are looking for a way to continue summer learning, look no further than the homeschool buyers club. They offer some fantastic freebies and discounts for their special Summer Camp event between June 13 and August 15. you can sign up and try out many outstanding homeschool curricula, as mentioned in this post, and many more!

Summer is the perfect opportunity to explore new curricula and deep dive into your child’s interests. Learning doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive.

The Homeschool Buyers Club also offers three free gifts with every purchase, including the free ones!

We are taking advantage of the Homeschool Buyers Club’s Summer Camp event; you should too. Stay tuned for more posts on how we are homeschooling this summer!

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