Summer Reading Challenge

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Summer Reading Challenge

Many of us aspire to do summer reading, but then life takes over, and we often don’t stick with it. We want to inspire our children to sit down for 10 minutes every day to read alone or together, but how can we make reading exciting for our kids and us?

I decided to create a little game board printable with ideas to keep reading fun and exciting and help our kids stick with reading every day. Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this to your reading or summer board.

10 minutes Every day!

Ten minutes every day is not very long to read or be read to. Did you know that even once a child knows how to read independently, there is much to get from being read to.

Reading aloud to children improves their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and attitudes about reading.

You need not read for hours a day. Ten minutes should do. Our game begins with visiting the library and finishes with reading about something you love.

There are lots of fun inspirations for reading in between, such as having a poetry tea time, which you can read about here.

Summer Reading Challenge

Blooming Brilliant’s Summer Reading Challenge

Blooming Brilliant’s Summer Reading Challenge is designed to inspire kids to pick up a book and read, experiment with different genres, and notice how reading is all around them. This challenge doesn’t give you specific titles to read, and it is perfect for kids of various ages. Try it with your children or students!

How the Summer Reading Challenge Works

This challenge aims to show kids that reading is everywhere at all times, that there is so much to read at any point in their day, and how it unlocks doors to other worlds. Work through the gameboard path, starting at Start and doing each activity each day until you reach Finish. There is tons of room to explore as the board gives you a prompt and lots of room to still choose what you want to read. There are many fun activities, including poetry tea times, reading to a pet, and so much more, making reading less of a chore and more of a fun activity.

Summer Reading Challenge

If you are a Blooming Brilliant Insider, then head on over to our library of resources to grab this printable. If you aren’t one yet, then make sure to sign up here to get the current password and access to all our free resources.

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Summer Reading Challenge

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