Supermarket Books for Children

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Supermarket Books for Children

Playing supermarket is a favorite in our homeschool. I even created a fantastic supermarket pretend play kit for the kids to use while playing their favorite type of dramatic play. Since they are so interested in supermarkets, I thought it would be a great idea to focus on some books that also revolve around supermarkets. Let’s jump into our list of supermarket books for children. Before we begin, please take a moment and pin this post to your reading or homeschool board.

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Supermarket Books for Children

At the Supermarket

On a special trip to the supermarket, a young boy helps his mom buy what they need. There are meats, fruits, and vegetables to put in the shopping cart; soap and toilet paper, too. But the most important ingredients are those needed to bake a birthday cake. Children love to help out at the grocery store. In her signature style, Anne Rockwell conveys the adventure of a trip to the supermarket from a young child’s point-of-view.

Supermarket Gremlins

Next time you’re in a supermarket, look what’s lurking there—cheeky supermarket gremlins are hiding everywhere! Naughty gremlins bring chaos to the supermarket and beyond in this highly commercial new series—you’ll never see supermarkets in the same way again! Another rhyming romp from Adam and Charlotte Guillain, packed with madcap fun and silly humor, perfectly matched with Chris Chatterton’s joyous, retro artwork.

Do the Doors Open by Magic?: And Other Supermarket Questions

A tour of supermarket innovations reveals to curious young readers how food gets to a store, where fruit and vegetables grow in the winter, what holds Jello together, why eggs are different colors, and what makes soda fizzy.

Grandpa’s Corner Store

When a giant new supermarket moves into the neighborhood, Lucy’s grandpa plans to sell his store. But with the help of friends and neighbors, Lucy is determined to keep this from happening. In another of her loving and lively portraits of community caring, DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan tells the timely story of what can happen when the whole neighborhood gets involved.

Something Good 

Tyya is grocery shopping with her dad, but he’s not letting her pick any of the good stuff like cookies, ice cream, or candies. When she holds still and is mistaken for the best, most lifelike doll in the supermarket, an argument at the till leads her dad to buy something good after all.

Lou Knows What to Do: Supermarket

Almost anything from shattered jars to extra groceries you weren’t planning on purchasing and probably sticky fingers.

But you don’t have to worry about Lou, he knows exactly what to do. He uses his magic bubble wand to show him what to expect at the supermarket and how he should behave.

Whether he s in a new situation or a challenging one, Lou s prepared. His special bubble wand shows him the future, helping him see what he needs to do and say to be successful.

Feast for 10

A counting book that features a family shopping for food, preparing dinner, and sitting down to eat. Lively read-aloud text paired with bright collage illustrations.

Richard Scarry’s The Supermarket Mystery

Sam Cat and Dudley Pig are fine detectives—searching for clues, finding fingerprints, and trapping thieves. Now, Grocer Dog has a problem for them to solve: a supermarket shoplifter keeps sneaking out goodies. Whoever it is better watch out because Sam and Dudley are on the case! Richard Scarry’s colorfully madcap pictures, adorable characters, and hilarious antics will delight young readers.

I Went to the Supermarket

When a brother and sister play their favorite game of I Went To the Supermarket, they compete to see who can think of the most bizarre and brilliant things. As their words come to life, they get more and more carried away . . . Until the game comes to a surprising, and somewhat messy, the end!

Mr. Wizard’s Supermarket Science

Mr. Wizard (a.k.a. Don Herbert) presents more than 100 super-simple, simply sensational science experiments and tricks using everyday items available in the supermarket. Kids learn how to turn water into wine, use their finger to boil water, plunge a straw through a raw potato, slice the inside of a banana without slicing the outside, and much, much more!


An informative book explains modern supermarkets and how they work, discussing how they organize, display, and keep track of the items they sell.

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