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Teaching kids how to sew is an important skill for them to learn. Try Sewing with Kids Emoji Pillow to teach the basic running stitch.

Sewing with Kids- Emoji Pillow

Sewing with Kids-Emoji Pillow Welcome to another sewing experience. Isabella really enjoyed her time sewing. She quickly became obsessed. Today we are going to share another really simple sewing project, making an emoji pillow, to help little learners practice their sewing skills. Sewing is such a great skill to learn and it is also great for fine motor development which…

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Developing A Solid Handwriting Foundation using Games

Playful Handwriting Practice

Developing A Solid Handwriting Foundation Using Games Handwriting should be taught with formal instruction. Formal instruction means that a teacher teaches the children the name of a letter, what sound it makes, models HOW to write the letter. A good solid handwriting program incorporates multi-sensory methods to help all children (visual learners, kinesthetic learners, etc.) gain awareness of the lesson.…

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