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Teaching kids to sew doesn't have to be difficult. Check out this amazing Apple Pincushion to start sewing with your kids.

Sewing with Kids- Apple Pincushion

  Sewing with Kids- Apple Pincushion I procrastinated teaching Isabella how to sew for about a year. I thought it was going to be a big project. I thought it was going to be tedious, especially since I only know the basics when it comes to sewing. I am learning that this is not the case. It is really rather…

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What is Fundanoodle? Learn more about this amazing Educational Resource company that helps children develop and improve their motor skills.

What is Fundanoodle?

What is Fundanoodle? I know I have previously posted a little bit about Fundanoodle and how we use it in our little lessons with AJ. But maybe you have never heard of Fundanoodle before. Today I am answering your question “what is Fundanoodle?” Fundanoodle is an educational readiness program designed by pediatric occupational therapist and elementary school teachers to develop…

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Why are Scissor Skills Important? Tips for teaching your children scissor skills.

Why are Scissor Skills Important?

Why are scissor skills so important? It is so important to teach kids how to use scissors and I didn’t realize it until one day when I was reading about it! It is a complex task to learn but a definite essential. Four reasons why scissor skills are important to practice: 1. It builds up the tiny muscles in their palm and hand since…

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Developing A Solid Handwriting Foundation using Games

Playful Handwriting Practice

Developing A Solid Handwriting Foundation Using Games Handwriting should be taught with formal instruction. Formal instruction means that a teacher teaches the children the name of a letter, what sound it makes, models HOW to write the letter. A good solid handwriting program incorporates multi-sensory methods to help all children (visual learners, kinesthetic learners, etc.) gain awareness of the lesson.…

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