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Esperanza Rising #KidLit #BookReview

  Esperanza Rising Every year we love sharing fun stories that celebrate or educate our Hispanic heritage. If you didn’t know I (Christine) am half Ecuadorian and half Italian. Therefore, I strive to teach my children about their cultures as well as other cultures. I believe teaching children about various cultures teach them to be respectful of those other cultures.…

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Wellie Wishers Doll and Book Review

Wellie Wishers #KidLit #Doll #Review

Wellie Wishers Have you heard of American Girl’s the Wellie Wishers? They are a set of dolls perfect for the girls who may be a little young for the traditional American Girl dolls. These dolls are slightly smaller than the traditional American Girl Dolls and adorable all on their own. They have their own books and accessories that are simply…

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Ivy and Bean #KidLit #BookReview

Ivy and Bean If your child loves books about friendships then they may enjoy Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows.  Isabella thoroughly enjoyed the first book finishing it in about 15 minutes and rereading it at least 3 times! She read this book last year but had to share it for some summer reading fun! Book 1- Ivy and Bean…

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Celebrating Black History Month by sharing Nelson Mandela KidLit

Nelson Mandela #KidLit #BookReview

Nelson Mandela KidLit Book Review Nelson Mandela is a remarkable man who withstood personal suffering for justice all people in South Africa. Nelson Mandela wanted black people to be treated equally in South Africa. He fought (peacefully), sacrificed (so much), and persevered for years and years to obtain equality in South Africa. Learn more about this amazing man and his…

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Frozen Fever is based directly on the short film, Anna's birthday is approaching and Elsa is feeling guilty for all the lost time. Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf are determined to give Anna the best birthday celebration ever. However, Elsa catches a cold and her icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.

Frozen Fever #KidLit #BookReview

Frozen Fever Did you know that there is a junior novelization based on the animated short Frozen Fever that was featured in the previews before the new Cinderella movie? Well, there is and of course, Isabella couldn’t help herself but read it! She is obsessed with Frozen so her review is a little bit biased. Frozen Fever – the book This…

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Sofia's Dream is a wonderful little story that will excite your little reader on the importance of taking care of our planet. Check out our full KidLit Book Review.

Sofia’s Dream #KidLit #BookReview

  KidLit Book Reviews Isabella loves reading and has decided that she wants to share some of her favorite stories with our readers. If you have never seen our home video channel than you may not know that she can be a little diva, enjoying the spotlight. Therefore, I will be filming her reviews (posting onto our Blooming Brilliant channel),…

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