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Teaching toddlers how to play piano doesn't get any easier than with Soft Mozart. We offer an extensive review of our journey with Soft Mozart.

Teaching Piano with Soft Mozart

Teaching Piano with Soft Mozart Soft Mozart is a computer-based program with an integration of an electronic keyboard that is truly an amazing alternative to piano lessons. Did you know that this program can teach a two year old basic to extraordinary piano skills the same way it teaches adults. While you may be put off by its lack of…

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Review of Testing Mom program to help kids perform better on standardized tests.

Testing Mom Review

Testing Mom Review Being a parent comes with so much responsibility. You never think that you will be sitting up late at night researching how to get your child comfortable taking tests. Since my daughter is fairly young and has been “homeschooled” for the first few years of her life she has no clue what a test even is. We…

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Readeez Review, learning disguised as smiling.

Readeez Review (Children’s Educational Entertainment)

Readeez Review Have you heard of Readeez?  They are these amazing videos which use Syllablesync. Syllablesync from my understanding is the syllables being displayed as they are spoken. This is a really wonderful aid in teaching reading, and it helps us learn those catchy songs!     Our Thoughts We love these videos because they are fun! They are such…

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littleBits STEAM Student

littleBits STEAM Student Every day I open up my inbox to questions from parents asking how my children became so fascinated with science, technology, engineering, art, and math also known as STEAM. I personally believe that STEAM is for everyone and everyone falls in love with it at their own time, with their own project.  The great thing about STEAM…

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From the Makers of Your Baby Can Read, Your Child Can Discover Review

Your Child Can Discover Review

Your Child Can Discover Your Child Can Discover is from the Infant Learning Company, the same company that brought us Your Baby Can Read! or more recently (2018) Your Baby Can Learn.  After being catapulted into the forefront by stories of lawsuits. The company Your Baby Can, created a new product called Your Child Can Discover. Infant Learning Company Products We…

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Taking the plunge and finally trying grammarly. How has it improved my writing?

Taking the plunge with Grammarly

Grammarly Grammarly is an app that you have probably seen everywhere from television to YouTube. You have probably heard of it at some point and while it may have peaked your interest for a second, you dismissed it because, “Hey! You already have spell check!” However, Grammarly goes above and beyond your basic spell check. I have seen Grammarly for…

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