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Crafts for Kids-Pumpkin Pie Craft

Pumpkin Pie Craft When it comes to fall and thanksgiving we have all crafted our fair share of trees, leaves, pumpkins, and turkeys. I wanted to share a fun and easy craft that is perfect for fall and thanksgiving. This craft is pretty simple and it helps kids develop hand strength and motor skills which is always a good thing.…

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Show Gratitude all month in November. Teach being thankful for 30 days of Thanksgiving with our printable thankful journal with prompts.

2017 Thankful Journal Printable (with prompts)

2017 Thankful Journal Printable (with prompts) If you have been a loyal reader through the years then you may be eagerly anticipating our annual thankful journal that we share every November since 2013! It is a great tradition and we have a few designs that are able to be printed and reused every year! Previous Thankful Journals All of our…

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