Taking the plunge with Grammarly

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Taking the plunge and finally trying grammarly. How has it improved my writing?


Grammarly is an app that you have probably seen everywhere from television to YouTube. You have probably heard of it at some point and while it may have piqued your interest for a second, you dismissed it because, “Hey! You already have spell check!”

Grammarly Writing Support

However, Grammarly goes above and beyond your basic spell-check. I have seen Grammarly for years in different media, and I always said: “I should try that out.” But I never did!

‘I am far too busy to download Grammarly’

Until recently. I have been super busy juggling so much as a homeschool mom and a blogger. I write so much every day, and as a busy mom, I sometimes struggle with concentration and the ability to hold back on pressing the publishing or send button to proofread.

Later, I go back and read what I wrote, completely horrified with simple mistakes in grammar, word confusion or even simple punctuation! I like to believe that I am well educated, with a college degree and poems published in literary magazines. But, there were times that I would reread what I posted for the world to see and simply doubted my intelligence.

‘I finally took the plunge and downloaded Grammarly.’

With more and more work opportunities I couldn’t procrastinate or make any more excuses. I finally took the plunge and downloaded Grammarly! I was pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly it was and how much I noticed my repetitive mistakes. I am actually learning from my mistakes, and improving! I know that because Grammarly sends a weekly email explaining how you have been doing with your writing.

‘Grammarly is not just good for blogging but even for our homeschool’

Not only have I really been enjoying Grammarly for blogging, sending emails and updating my social media but I have been seeing how it can help my little learners. Isabella loves writing, she will create her very own documents and write her own stories. She is already a really good writer for her age but I am seeing even dramatic improvement in her writing. As we use Grammarly more in our homeschool I will share with you more details with how helps my little learners. Stay tuned!

Try Grammarly for yourself!

I highly recommend Grammarly for anyone who writes and uses the computer. You can use it with your internet browser or in Microsoft office or directly on Windows. You can use a free account or you can get a premium account which helps you even more with twice as many corrections, customized checks for more than 30 document types, and a plagiarism checker. I urge you to try Grammarly for yourself, you can use it completely free or purchase premium for just $11.66 a month. You can try it out for yourself here. (Yes it is my affiliate link, so I will receive a small commission for referring you but I honestly love this product!)
Don't get caught plagiarizing

Let us know:

Have you tried Grammarly? What has stopped you from trying Grammarly? Do you think you will try it now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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