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The most effective approach in teaching music and piano of all times! Best fit for early learners, piano and music schools, homeschooling, adult education, children with special needs, elderly people and vocational training of professionals. This is a revolutionary new approach that is endorsed by the oldest and most prestigious schools globally.

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What do you learn with Soft Mozart

Soft Mozart is all about teaching Music in a way a student should learn which includes:

  • To fluently read notes on the Treble and Bass Clefs at the same time.
  • To write down musical dictations To sing the notes from music notation out loud.
  • To play from sheet music with both hands on the piano The final result of a proper music education is a musically oriented mind: the ability to not only make music, but to write it down and compose it as well. Just as an English lesson teaches the English language, so should a music lesson teach the music language. This means that one must be able to thoughtfully express one’s ideas in this language in a grammatical and articulate way

Games and How they Teach kids Music!

 Gentle Piano - you CAN interact 1 on 1 with music intuitively, enlarge the score, fasten your focus line, add/remove visual hints, see your mistakes in figures, hide/unhide notation and much more. Works with eyes, hands, ears, fingers, and voice of every learner.

Soft Mozart's Interactive Modules are going to teach you to become musically literate (to say the least):

 Note Alphabet Module. This computerized curriculum helps the beginner memorize the order of the music notes and piano keys. It gives a student the skills needed to relate one note to another and to easily read notes in any forward or backward sequence. This Module builds the very foundation for learning all intervals, chords fourth-fifth circles and scales.

 Fruit Lines Module This computerized curriculum will teach you the note names for any line or space of the Bass and Treble staves and train your vision to grasp lines and spaces of the Grand Staff visually, auditorily and kinesthetically. Mastering these skills together promote the most effective development of sight-reading and ear- training.

 Treble Staff Module This computer-based curriculum helps a beginner to memorize the position of any note on the Treble staff. It teaches ledger lines and drastically increases the speed of the Treble Staff notes' recognition.

 Bass Staff Module This computer-based curriculum helps a beginner to memorize the position of any note on the Bass Clef. It teaches ledger lines and drastically increases the speed of the Bass Staff notes' recognition.

 Note Duration Module This ccomputer-basedcurriculum teaches the beginner to differentiate musical notes by their time value. It trains eye-hand coordination, unites all senses necessary for music education and piano playing. Teaches rhythm through fine motor skills improvement and eye-hand-ear coordination training.

 Guess Key Module This computer based curriculum will help any beginner to learn to find a piano key by its note name. For advanced students, this learning software trains musicians to play any piano key without looking at them. This module promotes eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills development. It develops music ear to perfect pitch level in conjunction with visual memorization of the piano keys layout. 'Must - have' curriculum for any music learner!