Teaching Toddlers Piano with Soft Mozart

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Teaching toddlers how to play piano doesn't get any easier than with Soft Mozart. We offer an extensive review of our journey with Soft Mozart.

Teaching Toddlers Piano with Soft Mozart

Teach Toddlers Piano with Soft MozartI am teaching my toddlers piano with Soft Mozart and you can too! Soft Mozart is a computer-based program with the integration of an electronic keyboard that is genuinely a fantastic alternative to piano lessons. Did you know that this program can teach a toddler at just two years old basic to extraordinary piano skills the same way it teaches adults? While you may be put off by its lack of bells and whistles. This simple design and set of games is truly a marvel. It is a comprehensive program that teaches music as well as piano to toddlers all the way up. The value is extraordinary and worth every penny.

Why Teach My Toddler Piano?

The piano is the universal, fundamental, and most accessible multi-octave instrument for learning the music language. The keys’ layout presents an obvious representation of the Grand Staff, making it much easier for a beginner to understand music grammar. Being a melodic and percussive instrument at the same time, the Electronic Keyboard is the ideal training device for the development of hearing and rhythm. Playing doesn’t require any special physical exertion as stringed and wind instruments do. While playing, a child can simultaneously sing, developing his voice mastering proper intonation. The Electronic Keyboard can’t be played out of tune; when a key is pressed, a clean, even note is sounded, allowing the hearing to develop without obstacle. While playing, the student receives the melody, harmony, and rhythm all at once. Reproduction of both the melody and accompanient develops the melodic and harmonious ear. When we teach out fingers to ‘walk’ smoothly (legato) or stomp (staccato), we are developing everything at once- the depth of hearing, control of the voice, and the subtle nuances of motor movement.



When the toddler becomes interested in music

Teaching toddlers how to play piano doesn't get any easier than with Soft Mozart. We offer an extensive review of our journey with Soft Mozart.


Learning how to play the piano is something I always wanted to do as a child. But it was such a huge financial expense for my family that I never actually got to try it out. At around two years old my daughter, Isabella has started showing a great interest in music, especially the piano. She is obsessed with her fisher price baby, toy piano and images of keyboards. I thought about purchasing her one of those beautiful toy toddler pianos, or even other instruments like a recorder but then I figured she would not get much value from that. As the tone of the notes in a toddler piano are sub-par, and the actual amount of money and space in my apartment wasted on a short-term instrument which didn’t make sense. After much research, we decided on an electronic keyboard.


Choosing to purchase an Electronic Keyboard


Teaching toddlers how to play piano doesn't get any easier than with Soft Mozart. We offer an extensive review of our journey with Soft Mozart.

So after we decided to go with an electronic keyboard, I took up the quest for how we are going to teach her the piano. Most teachers don’t work with children as young as two years old. I came across a few programs the two that stuck out was the Soft Mozart and Piano Wizard. After going through forums and talking to other parents who used the programs, reviewing each website and taking a look at price differences I ended up purchasing the Soft way to Mozart for my daughter.

Soft Mozart is more than just a piano program

Soft Mozart is all about teaching MUSIC in a way a student SHOULD learn which includes:

  • To fluently read notes on the Treble and Bass Clefs at the same time
  • To write down musical dictations
  • To sing the notes from music notation out loud
  • To play from sheet music with both hands on the piano

The final result of proper music education is a musically oriented mind: the ability to not only make music but to write it down and compost it as well. Just as an English lesson teaches the English language, so should a music lesson teach the language of music. This means that one must be able to thoughtfully express one’s ideas in this language in a grammatical and articulate way!


Try a monthly subscription for $29.99 a month

After purchasing Soft Mozart

When we received Soft Mozart, I found myself in a new dilemma which was how am I supposed to use this program? We received a packaged set from years ago which included both ABC (alphabet) stickers and DO RE Mi (Solfeggio) stickers for our keyboard. At first, I went with the ABC because she knew her ABC’s she also knew ABC’s in music from Trebellina, Your Child Can Discover. I thought this was a great idea until I read Hellene Hiner and Nikolai Kurdyumov’s You Can be a Musician: A Defense of Music (which is where I got the information that is indented.) This is where I learned that Solfeggio is the best way to introduce music to our children. When one sings Solfeggio (DO RE MI) you can hear much more range than you can see on ABC. So then, I changed to Solfeggio instead of the Alphabetical Representation. I highly recommend this book as it explains why a different color eye for each key (like a rainbow) doesn’t help when learning the piano keys, and why the creator made her specific choices. It is a perfect companion purchase with the Soft Mozart Subscription. Since the packaged set is no longer available make sure you pick up your solfeggio stickers as well.


Teaching toddlers how to play piano doesn't get any easier than with Soft Mozart. We offer an extensive review of our journey with Soft Mozart.


Not only is this program fantastic all on its own but the support from the creator and the company is above and beyond. Hellene Hiner, the creator of Soft Mozart, really believes in her product and she doesn’t oversell. She offers a Free DEMO of her product for prospective customers to check out and base their decision.  She also provides scholarships to potential customers who can not afford the program.

Soft Mozart also has a fantastic forum with fellow parents, educators, and students which gives tons of support. There are even lesson plans on how to teach or use Soft Mozart to learn piano and even music history. They also have add-on products like the Kingdom of Tune, Music Alphabet Song Chant CD, and Musical Note Flashcards.

Soft Mozart also conducts  International Recitals through YouTube and the Soft Mozart forum. Soft Mozart’s forum is a great way to get feedback and share your progress. They even send gifts for participation.

Soft Mozart answers every email rather quickly. We are so grateful for Soft Mozart and are happy with our decision to learn through their program for years.


One tip I can give you is if you do get this product when you put the stickers on your keyboard to cover them with clear packing tape. It is a great way to prolong the life of your piano stickers. If you purchase the flashcards or kingdom of tune, I recommend you get the digital copies so you can print them as needed.

Lastly, my daughter Isabella absolutely LOVES Soft Mozart, from the very first day we introduced it to her until today. Here she is playing the Alphabet Song on her keyboard using Soft Mozart at two and a half years old.


Here you can sign up for a monthly subscription for $29.99 a month




Have you used Soft Mozart? What do you think about teaching your children piano with Soft Mozart? Let us know in the comments below.


Teaching toddlers how to play piano doesn't get any easier than with Soft Mozart. We offer an extensive review of our journey with Soft Mozart.



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