Testing Mom Review

Review of Testing Mom program to help kids perform better on standardized tests.

Testing Mom Review

Being a parent comes with so much responsibility. You never think that you will be sitting up late at night researching how to get your child comfortable taking tests. Since my daughter is fairly young and has been “homeschooled” for the first few years of her life she has no clue what a test even is. We believe that she is gifted because she has been reading ever since she was 2 years old and grasps on to new concepts rather quickly. Deciding to end homeschooling and put her into traditional school is one decision to tackle. But that all begins with getting her tested to see if she is truly gifted. What is a parent to do? Well if you are anything like me, you research. I found a website called TestingMom.com and they say they can help prepare your children to take tests.


Skeptical of Testing Mom

Well, we prepared for part of December and all of January for the NY Gifted and Talented test which Isabella took at the end of January. We really took advantage of the three months top 1% subscription of Testing Mom. I also really did my research and made sure to cancel my subscription which let me continue to use it but stopped any reoccurring payments, they warn you all about this so make sure if you are interested you read through their website and others reviews.  I was a little bit apprehensive about purchasing a subscription, I hesitated because I didn’t know if it was going to be valuable and I wasn’t sure if it was even needed. I wish I didn’t hesitate! I absolutely loved the subscription.


Top 1% Subscription of Testing Mom

 Again I purchased the Top 1% subscription of Testing Mom for 3 months. I saw that it said that you should cancel your subscription before the 3 months are up to avoid automatic renewal. The cancellation does not affect your access to everything. So towards the end of the 3 months I canceled, we were still using all the tools, so I saw that I was able to access everything. Our subscription came with the games Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. these two games on their own were worth the subscription. We had the trial for these on the iPad and my daughter liked it, but when she was able to watch these educational videos on demand she fell head over heels in love with
them.  It is also great that you don’t need an iPad to access them; you can access them on the web as well.
Review of Testing Mom program to help kids perform better on standardized tests.

Besides the extras from Testing Mom

Besides Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. my daughter enjoyed playing the other games on the site even the testing review games. She actually thought the tests were fun! They weren’t that hard for her (some questions were a bit difficult but overall they weren’t that hard) but I didn’t purchase the subscription to teach her the test (I don’t believe you should teach a test). As I said some questions were difficult, but mostly she did well on the practice (which made me question myself in terms of maybe she didn’t need the practice at all). However, I didn’t purchase the subscription for her to learn answers to the test, I purchased the subscription so that she would have some experience
taking a test and getting comfortable with the format. Again, she had never taken a test before.
Review of Testing Mom program to help kids perform better on standardized tests.
Downsides of Testing Mom
The only downside I could find is that there is a lot of printing that comes with this subscription, you go through a lot of paper and ink, but I tried to use up both sides of the paper. One another thing that is a downside that I am mentioning again is if you do not pay attention and you don’t cancel your subscription you will get charged over and over again. It is important to cancel if you don’t want to continue the subscription, so if you just went through the purchase process and you know you only want it for 3 months like I did, you sign in that first time and you cancel the subscription.

How did we use Testing Mom

So how did we practice? What was our routine? Since we are currently homeschooling, we added it to our routine.  Besides testingmom.com we had also gotten a *FREE* test from the department of education website which is a practice test.  So we used that one *FREE* test from the department of education and many activities and tests from testingmom.com. As I said my daughter thought they were fun. We did 5 questions daily (Monday thru Friday) and then on Saturday (my daughter doesn’t do lessons on Saturday and Sunday) we did one long test. We also took advantage of the verbal questions which were emailed to us every day. Overall I was really happy with TestingMom.com.


What My Daughter thought of Testing Mom

My daughter said the actual, real test was more like the *FREE* test than any of the testingmom.com tests, but that is because the *FREE* test was the exact format of the real test. She felt confident, which is all I really wanted. A lot of kids were scared and nervous, so if my daughter only got comfort out of it, I feel like that it is well worth it. We actually got the results from her test about a week ago and she did pretty well. She got in the 98 percentile for the nonverbal portion and the 91 percentile in the verbal portion. While I am sure the practice helped
her achieve such a high score, she is also incredibly intelligent so I cannot say it is all thanks to testingmom.com.

Overall feelings of Testing Mom

Overall I am very happy with the purchase, if I need any more testing reviews I will repurchase a subscription. I think that the bad reputation that it has in terms of billing issues is fixed as long as you remember to cancel your subscription because they will automatically renew you if you don’t. Maybe they should give you the option of automatic renewal when you sign up and that will help that problem. People generally like to be treated respectfully and fairly so by doing this upfront I think you gain more trust with the customer, giving them the choice to limit the subscription right off the bat and make the decision to renew on their own. I think it is great to offer automatic renewal but it shouldn’t be mandatory as many people forget and then get upset that their money is going to something they didn’t intend. It turns a customer who was initially pleased into a customer who is outraged. I personally didn’t need a long subscription, because we were just preparing for this test. I am happy I purchased it. I hope that if you are interested in it and you read this, that it helps you. Although I do encourage you to research further than just my page. I know it is difficult with so many conflicting reports but this is my 100% honest review, I didn’t receive anything for this post, and I purchased the subscription with my own with my money.

Let us know

Have you used Testing Mom? What did you think or Testing Mom? Did you find this review helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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Review of Testing Mom program to help kids perform better on standardized tests.

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5 thoughts on “Testing Mom Review

  • April 18, 2016 at 1:45 PM

    Yes they are not being upfront about the membership renewal, how can they charge me and not bother to send a mail that I’m charged for it! That’s more like cheating!! 99% people don’t read the terms of use, like me and end up paying again and again. It’s nice of them to auto renew our membership, seriously??!! I guess they don’t bother about customer satisfaction coz people who go once wouldn’t go back again, it’s always new parents so why would they be bothered?! They can earn this way once and double by renewing the membership without their permission!! Ethics!!

  • November 1, 2016 at 8:42 PM

    I have same issues. I was billed for 9 months. BEWARE!!! The fine print of auto renewal is embedded deep inside the welcome email. You will never notice it. It should be my decision to renew not forced on me. I did 1 month trial and ended up paying for 9. This is so unethical. They dont care as every customer conned is money in bank for them

  • November 2, 2018 at 2:38 PM

    Impossible to cancel your membership when you want to!!!!! I’ve cancelled my membership 3 times over the phone and they continue to charge your card! Customer service is ok, but the hard part is to stop paying the recurring payment!s!!

  • June 3, 2019 at 4:18 PM

    They did the same thing to me. And although I could’ve gotten the money refunded through my credit card, I called them, only to be berated by an aggressive male rep. It was one of the top 3 least professional customer service experiences of my entire almost 5 decade-long life. Straight up manipulative and abusive. It left a bad taste in my mouth that didn’t have to be there.

  • June 15, 2019 at 6:09 PM

    The worst website! It was difficult to maneuver & everything I clicked on took me to another site that I had to request access for & wait days to receive. Then I find out that site is useless for what I need! They auto renew your membership which I don’t even remember seeing that anywhere. They automatically opt for you to NOT get a reminder (extremely shady). Then I see the charge pending on my credit card the same day they charged it, for the next 3 months & they refuse to refund it! I haven’t used the site in 2 months & won’t be using it for the future charge that they charged me! What reputable company would do that?! None! They only care about making money, not helping people.


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