Adding Trivia to Your Homeschool

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Adding Trivia to Your Homeschool

Trivia is such a fun way to get your children up and to learn. My kids love to play games where they get to test their knowledge against mine. I don’t know what it is? Why they insist on being smarter than I am? But they do, and I enjoy it. Trivia games a great way to test your smarts, compete with friends and family, and LEARN! Before we share how to add trivia to your homeschool with you, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

Adding Trivia to your homeschool

Whether you are celebrating a fun day in your homeschool or you are feeling run down and tired and looking for a way to make your homeschool fun, and exciting trivia is a great way to do that. We have an Amazon storefront devoted to games that you can add to your homeschool, which you can check out here.

Professor Noggin games are affordable and so much fun! A favorite in our homeschool.

Try this Trivia Game in Your Homeschool

Suppose you are trying to figure out how to add more trivia to your homeschool without waiting for your amazon package or spending money. We created a little trivia game for you to use right now! It is a video format and completely free.

Using Books to Add Trivia to Your Homeschool

You can use books as well to add trivia fun to your homeschool as well. Some of our favorite books come from National Geographic. There are many amazing books filled with facts to retain. Check out our trivia books list here and pick them up for yourself either on amazon or your local library.

More ways to have fun with Trivia?

You can always scour the internet and books and create your own trivia game. There is also a plethora of free games, printables, and websites that can help you have fun with trivia and make learning even more fun.

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