Using Education Perfect In Your Homeschool

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Using Education Perfect in your homeschool

I am always looking for new ways to improve my homeschool, checking out different learning platforms, curricula, classes, and resources. I love sharing them with you because sometimes it’s hard to find the right resource for your children. I am a solo, working homeschool mom, and my needs differ from others. I am looking for a fun, easy, helpful, and good curriculum. Have you heard about Education Perfect? It is an innovative teaching and learning platform that is helping me manage to homeschool two-grade levels easily. I can’t wait to share it with you. Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

*Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by Education Perfect. I was compensated for my time, all opinions are 100% my own honest opinions, and I wasn’t required to post a positive review. You can read my full disclosure here.

What Is Education Perfect? 

Education Perfect is an online learning platform aimed at 9 to 18-year-olds, providing a full curriculum covering everything from core subjects such as English, Maths, and Science to specialized curricula such as Music, Digital Technologies, and Technology & Design. It was founded in New Zealand in 2007 and is currently used by millions of students, including homeschoolers. They aim to help you easily personalize learning for your kids, challenging them and providing extra support when needed. Lessons have been carefully designed to keep kids engaged and enjoy their learning.

“EP is adjustable for every style of homeschooling. It’s built to enhance your ability as a home educator and offer your child both structured and flexible methods of learning. The platform allows you to adapt for individual strengths and weaknesses so every learner feels supported.”

— Education Perfect

What Kinds of Lessons do Education Perfect Offer?

Currently, Education Perfect offers lessons for grades five through ten. They are working on adding lower grades as well. The platform’s library includes over 35,000 gamified lessons, with over 10,000 videos and 50,000 questions. The lessons are aligned with the curriculum for countries worldwide across all core subject areas.

While on the platform, you can search for and assign lessons for any particular topic. Here are a few of the subjects Education Perfect offers lessons for:

  • ESL- spelling, reading, speaking, and writing aligned to the Common European Framework
  • Math- covering all concepts across all grades from K to 12
  • Science- covers all sciences from elementary to high school level
  • Humanities- including geography, history, civics, citizenship and health
  • Health and PE- relationships, nutrition, physical activity, exercise, and more
  • Digital Technology- how data is used, stored, and transmitted
  • Economics-achieving objectives, business activity, the global economy, business operations, character traits of entrepreneurs and business people, and so much more.
  • Music- Music Theory
  • Languages (the platform started as a language learning platform)- Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Inside Education Perfect

Education Perfect has two sides: the teacher and the student. They are both easy to navigate, easy to customize, and engaging.

Teacher Dashboard

Customize your learner’s experience and get detailed reports.

  • access learning plans that coordinate with certain standards
  • create classes and add learners
  • preview and assign lessons or tests to students
  • create your own tests and assessments
  • set deadlines, test passing margins, and even timed tests.
  • browse everything by subject or by using the search function
  • monitor how the students use their time
  • hide or show the results to students
  • get summaries and detailed results
  • get suggested next steps or lessons to cover learning gaps
  • compare results of pre-tests and post-tests

Student Dashboard

Learners can have fun gathering points while they learn.

  • short lessons
  • gamified app experience focused on learning
  • access to all the classes
  • easy personalization of dashboard
  • access to local or global competitions
  • screen monitoring option for no distractions
  • safe learning environment
  • option for text reading on screen
  • interactive lessons
  • auto-graded quizzes
  • money prizes for winning competitions
  • a ranking system within their class, country, or worldwide
  • notes on screen
  • handwriting recognition
  • tools for studying

Let’s dig into the Teacher Dashboard

Education Perfect is an extremely customizable learning platform. You can set up accounts for up to 5 children, and they can be organized in classes where they can compete and outrank each other. You can also control everything from the lessons they assign to the number of attempts allowed for certain tests.

There is even a timed feature and the option to show or not show the grades to the student. A screen monitor also helps ensure kids do their work and not get distracted.

What are the Lessons Like?

The lessons are set up as presentations. Each slide has some text and an image or video. The text can be read aloud to your child by clicking a button, or they can read it independently.

Students can take notes or highlight things directly on the screen. They can also get definitions of vocabulary or keywords right in the text.

After the presentation, kids are given short quizzes from the lesson. These are a mix of comprehension questions, multiple choice, drag and drop, true or false, and short answers. Kids can self-correct the answer and will receive points throughout their lessons.

Games and Monthly Homeschool Competitions

Once your kids finish a lesson and quiz on Education Perfect, they get access to Dash. Dash is Education Perfect’s version of an educational game. It is a timed quiz that you get to play against other students who are studying the same lessons you are. You can get ahead of the other players in the game by answering the questions as fast as you can.

Kids can see their ranking grow with every point, encouraging them to learn more and answer more questions. The best thing about it is that the platform is completely safe. Kids can even cheer each other on by sending stickers to one another, they will have to pay for them with their points, but it’s a great way to build community.

Education Perfect offers a great feature that can be effective if your kids respond well to winning prizes!

As kids work through each lesson, they accumulate points. Every question answered during regular daily learning earns them one point. Then, every single homeschool child who answers at least 250 questions (250 points) during the month gets entered into a drawing for 1 of 4 $20 gift cards, and the top 3 learners each month receive a $20 gift card automatically! These competitions are based on effort, not accuracy, so it levels the playing field. Siblings can also compete against one another, which can be motivating to some.

Why Try Education Perfect in Your homeschool?

For us, Education Perfect is the perfect supplement for my daughter in middle school. My children vary in age, my daughter is almost 13, and my son is almost 9. Education Perfect gives my daughter the perfect opportunity to learn based on her interests and work on assignments that go with the lessons we are learning. I love that I can assign lessons and don’t have to stress about grading. Education Perfect provides support so it can be done independently.

Education Perfect has provided the perfect solution to reviewing concepts. My daughter has been able to review concepts she had forgotten, brush up on some of her skills, and build great foundations for further learning.

Education Perfect also helps us find any learning gaps and helps to fill them. It can be hard to determine where your child needs more attention, but the assessments that Education Perfect provides help to pinpoint the gaps and fill them with their lessons.

It is challenging to have various grade levels and split yourself up to help and instruct your children. But, Education Perfect provides easy access to various subjects, assignments, lessons, and content that can’t be beaten.

We can homeschool from anywhere with Education Perfect, all we need is an internet connection, and we are ready to go, which is perfect when we need to homeschool on the go. It is also great for our tiny living space, books, worksheets, and resources fill our space, but with Education Perfect, most of it is online, so no need to make extra room.

With the wide variety of subjects offered, you can enhance or support your child’s strengths and weaknesses, no matter what level they are currently at.

Education Perfect is easy to navigate, and they are available to help if you need it. They also monitor and track the work your kids are completing, making keeping homeschool records much easier.

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The Truth about Using Education Perfect In Your hOmeschool

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