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Wellie Wishers

Have you heard of American Girl’s the Wellie Wishers? They are a set of dolls perfect for the girls who may be a little young for the traditional American Girl dolls. These dolls are slightly smaller than the traditional American Girl Dolls and adorable all on their own. They have their own books and accessories that are simply adorable. These little girls love to play in their garden, rocking out their wellington boots which they call their Wellies. Isabella received a Wellie Wishers’ book from her great Aunt a few months ago and loved it, she later received two dolls from her grandmother. She couldn’t help share her thoughts on these adorable dolls and neither could I. This post is not sponsored.


Wellie Wishers -The Riddle of the Robin

‘The Riddle of the Robin’ by Valerie Tripp is an adorable early chapter book. Isabella has read it over and over. In this book a robin has moved into the Wellie Wishers garden and they couldn’t be more excited! They take care of the robin and learn new things about what birds like to do and eat. One day the robin disappears. Willa is the main character of this story, she learns to take the lead and that things are not always what they seem! Valerie Tripp opens up a new world to young readers that is delightful, engaging and fun for young readers.

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Wellie Wishers – Willa

The Wellie Wishers are a sweet and silly group of girls who each have the same big, bright wish: to be a good friend. Willa has a love for animals. She’s sure to be the first one up a tree and the last to turn away a furry friend.

Willa has hazel eyes and strawberry-blond hair in long pigtails. She is made up of plastic and vinyl. This doll includes a hedgehog tee, which features dimensional ears, and the coordinating skirt which is trimmed in satin ribbon. A bunny-ear headband, underwear, and of course red wellie boots with sweet ladybug faces top off this cute outfit.

This 14.5″ (36.8 cm) doll is sized just right for younger girls who love to lug their dolls around. They are beautifully made and all around fun.

Isabella really enjoyed this dolls beautiful outfit and hair. While her eyes do not open and close, they are beautiful all their own. The only thing that we didn’t love about Willa, was that her hair was created for, forever pigtails. The hair in the back of Willa is shorter than the rest, resulting in awkward styling if your child chooses a different look.

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Wellie Wishers- Ashlyn

Ashlyn is a princess in training and party-planner extraordinaire. She’s just the one to turn a friend’s frown upside-down. Nothing is every ordinary with Ashlyn.

Ashlyn just loves to pretend she’s a princess. Ashyln has beautiful brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and long brown hair. This doll is made of plastic and vinyl. Including a fancy pink top which features a lace print and golden satin ribbon, and her tiered pink skirt has matching golden ribbon trim,  a pretty pink tiara, underwear, and of course glittery golden Mary Jane designed wellie boots gives her outfit a crowning touch.

This 14.5″ (36.8 cm) doll is sized just right for younger girls who love to take their dolls with them on the go. They are beautifully made and so much fun. Their stories teach true friendship and steers away from technology and focuses on nature.


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Why are the Wellie Wishers Special?

If you are looking for dolls with realistic childlike shape and clothing American Girl is always the way to go. These light weight dolls are perfect for the youngest doll collector, keeping the innocence of childhood alive. American Girl never turn tots into teens before their time. These dolls and stories share a foundation in being a good friend not only to one another but also to nature. We think the Wellie Wishers are a winner!

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