What kind of homeschooler are you?

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What kind of homeschooler are you? Keeping homeschool philosophies in perspective.

What kind of homeschooler are you?

If you are brand spanking new to homeschooling then more likely than not you have no clue there are even types of homeschoolers. Chances are this is filling you with dread and anxiety. Before you go any further take a deep breath, you got this, and you don’t have to become a certain type of homeschooler in order to homeschool your child and be successful at it. However, remember how I discussed how much work homeschool is when I discussed if homeschool was worth it? Well, this is part of the work, taking deep dives into different learning, teaching and homeschooling philosophies in order to teach your children in a way that will be best for them.

The thing about various types of homeschoolers

The thing about various types of homeschoolers is that no one philosophy is good for everyone child, no one philosophy is perfect for you. Honestly, it isn’t and trying to reach the level where you are following the principles perfectly may not happen, especially when you multiply it by using it with multiple children. I am not saying that you shouldn’t embrace philosophies or follow principles. I am saying release yourself from being perfect. Release yourself from being one way and deeming all other ways unfit or bad. This is actually a message for life, there are good and bad in everything. There are things you will love, that will be easy and that will work for you and then there are things that you won’t understand, that will be difficult, that you may not agree with 100 percent and it won’t work for you or one of your children. Does that mean that the whole philosophy is bad or wrong? NO! Of course not. How can you diminish all the good that is in?

I know it was a lot of work

I know that homeschooling is a lot of work, I know that when you find a certain philosophy that speaks to your soul and your kids are really enjoying it that it takes time and energy to learn all about it and master the ins and outs. It is something that you may cling to like a security blanket but just know that it doesn’t have to be your security blanket.  While you are learning the ins and outs of a philosophy you are bound to make mistakes and need advice, you may feel like a failure at times. When it comes to deviating from your philosophy it may be hard, but it is important to follow your family, your values, goals, and your children.

Square peg round hole

It can be difficult to apply certain principles exclusively to your children since everyone has different learning styles it can sometimes be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. What do you do when your philosophy and all that time and energy doesn’t work for that one child? You aren’t going to throw it away! You are going to focus on your principles and see what speaks to your children and for a season that may be Charlotte Mason and for one child it may be Unschooling but no matter what you got this. It happens, we change and have to adapt. Remember this on your journey through the land of homeschooling philosophies!



Have you gone through the land of homeschooling philosophies? What is the homeschooling philosophy that speaks to you? I would love to hear from you so comment down below!

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What kind of homeschooler are you? Keeping homeschool philosophies in perspective.

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